No Preparation – No Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We already know that thought has tremendous power. The power of collaborative mental support has been documented in scientific research. At the convention we are all in one thought aimed at the common goal. Are our efforts registered somewhere or do they just “dissolve into thin air”?

Answer: First of all, all our deeds—good and bad, right and wrong, true and false—are “registered.”

In general, as we know, the created being goes through three states:

  • In the first state, Malchut of the World of Infinity is before contraction.
  • The second condition is the entire process through which the following things happen to us: the descent of the world, breaking, development in this world, and ascent back.
  • In the end, we come to the third state , to the same Malchut of Infinity but that is completely corrected and is 620 times greater than its first state.

Thus, the descent from the top downwards and the reverse ascent is considered a single state. And this is the second state, the preparation to the third and final one: the end of correction. However, we attain the end of correction in each individual action as small parts of the general system gradually joining into one large “integral.” In fact, this “integral” is a qualitatively new sum of small “sectors.”

A question arises: How can we make each step in order to achieve the correct result in every part? Answer: Only by preparation because the main thing for us is the work towards the final correction, collective and individual.

So, now we have to work on the preparation. Less than three weeks are left before the convention in St. Petersburg and we must prepare properly.

No matter with which group I will be attending this convention—I am preparing in such a way as to disconnect from the whole world, from all outside influences: no radio or television, no books, no external activities. For three days, my friends and I are going into the “deep underground,” no matter where we are physically. I form a “bubble” for myself with my friends, hide in it from all the interferences of the world, and open myself to the influence of the convention.

And all this must be organized in advance by connecting to the group in which I will spend these three days or with those who will come to St. Petersburg. I have to prepare myself for detachment from the world; I have to be ready to connect with the group, dissolve in it, and surrender myself like a fetus in the mother’s womb. If, suppose, my friends and I are at a mirror convention, then we receive nourishment, the Light of life, from St Petersburg like through the umbilical cord.

In short, getting ready for the convention, I have to create the same conditions like the embryo has in the womb. I not only have to see this picture in front of me, but feel it. And it affects my entire spiritual path, my chance to achieve something in life.

The friends who are coming to the convention must understand: They are in the place that needs to be isolated from any external influences. Let the city run its own life, let the atmosphere radiate its “emanations” on everyone; this is where we need to work.

This convention can become unique and can gain unprecedented power if we just prepare for it properly, if we isolate ourselves from the surrounding impulses that are literally “in the air,” if we detach ourselves externally and internally. I hope that all the participants will clean themselves of external influences and will arrive already prepared so everyone becomes the “womb” for each and every “embryo” in the collective body, and that everyone wants to receive nourishment from the teacher, and through him from the upper root. In the end, everyone needs to form this state according only to his conditions.

Here is the preparation: I imagine the participants, myself, imagine how I will get nourishment in detachment from everything external, adhering to the mother’s body, nullifying myself before it. I have to constantly think about it, live it to such an extent that it becomes my habitual state. Then, having arrived at the convention, I will automatically flow in the right course.

And besides that, we have to make the organizers understand what is required of them. We do not care about beautiful banners on the walls and other decorations. We evaluate the organization only by its ability to make us the “womb,” a group in the full sense of the word. Thus, the true organizer is not the one who manages the activities but the one who organizes this spiritual “isolation,” this spiritual world, in which we live for three days.

The convention in St. Petersburg costs us huge efforts and money. So, how can we let it take its own course?! We could spend all those millions of dollars on dissemination. Still, it is worth it providing that we will understand that everything is determined by preparation. Otherwise, it is not worthwhile to fly to St. Petersburg even for free.

That is why I warn you: Now we are required prepare correctly. All our friends regardless of where they will organize this convention must think about this, must get together, unite, and discuss the preparation, not relying on anyone. We all decide how to create the right spirit, how to form the “womb” in which we will attain true spiritual realization. This is extremely important.

Otherwise, in spite of all the invested efforts, we will come back as after a “festival,” a “party,” but not a spiritual action,  with an even greater feeling of emptiness.

It is no coincidence that I in advance talked about the success of the convention in Krasnoyarsk; the friends prepared for it for six months, while in a great inner tension. They invested themselves fully and also financially. The tent itself, in which the event took place, cost them two million rubles. In addition, they were collecting money to bring people from remote places. Many were on the train for a few days or even a week; they had to make their way along the local roads. And some felt an impulse during the convention and arrived here for a day and half. This is real investment…

So, no preparation, no convention. If a person has not prepared himself, I would return the ticket if I were him. Arriving unprepared causes your friends’ descent and it will hit you like a boomerang and much stronger than it hits them. In this case, you should not be there. It is said, “Keeping sinners apart is good for them and good for the world.”

As for the mirror convention in our new Israeli center: If it is just a little get-together to decide on a place, organize duties there, and watch what happens on the screens, it will be a loss—wasted efforts.

Everyone must bring the right intention to the convention according to his degree. This intention is accumulated “by pennies” for the decisive day. If you do not do this, I recommend you do nothing: It is better to sit at home and watch TV. You will not hit the target without efforts, without intention; on the contrary, you will steal power from the friends, instead of adding strength to them.

It’s not about external signs; a desire should burn within you so that now we all together raise MAN, a request for our correction. What is it? We want the Light that will unite us to come. In our unity, we want to reveal the upper force and feel how we bring it joy. A person aims at the group and from the group at the Creator. This is “Israel” (ישראל), which means: “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-El – ישר – אל).

We need the same convention as in Krasnoyarsk only with a new Aviut, i.e. a new depth of desire. Take the example of Krasnoyarsk and create the same in St. Petersburg. These two conventions are like one. In the language of Kabbalah, we can call them “two heads of the Partzuf:” Rosh de Hitlabshut and Rosh de Aviut. Accordingly, the addition that we have to feel is the addition of the Light that Reforms. In Krasnoyarsk, it was a pure, “transparent” desire, aimed upward, relatively ready for anything, and in St. Petersburg there will be the “egoism of a big city” the thickness of desire. But we must not wallow in it but raise ourselves to the state that was in Krasnoyarsk. Throughout the convention, we need to “hold ourselves in the air,” above egoism, above reason. And this is what we should prepare for.

We will have to work not in the thickness itself; this is impossible and not necessary. Our task is to rise more and more and now during the time of preparation. Preparation is a potential action: I have not yet come to its realization but already act to the best of my abilities.

For example, preparing to become an engineer, I study, work on projects, go through on-the-job training, and only then acquire the profession.

Thus, in the period of preparation I carry out the same tasks that I will face later, but I perform them in special pre-conditions. Preparation is already an action, not a fantasy, not dreams about a bright future. Already now I keep in touch with the friends try to connect with them. We constantly discuss the upcoming event and its realization—current and future.

Imagine that you are organizing this convention for a few thousand people. You are in charge; everything depends on you, rather on your group of ten that must take care of the most important thing—uniting the hearts. And now, act, as one man with one heart.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam 

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