A Reshimo Is One’s Complete Future State

A Reshimo Is One's Complete Future StateA question I received: What is a Reshimo?

My Answer: It’s one’s complete future state – the following, higher degree, which one perceives in a concealed way – obscurely and confusedly. In addition, a Reshimo awakens one’s aspiration toward the future state.

When I put my efforts into my environment (the teacher, group, books, and study) in order to acquire the importance of the future state, then to the degree I aspire to it, the Light from my future state (the next degree) shines onto me from afar – that’s why it’s called Ohr Makif, the Surrounding Light. It shines into my Reshimo with a force equal to the force I’ve acquired by receiving the importance of my future state from my environment (the teacher, group, books, and study) – the force of my aspiration toward the future state. And then this Reshimo becomes my actual state, my next degree.

The Reshimo contains all the information about one’s future state. However, a person does not have enough Light or force to realize it. Kabbalah was given to us in order to attract this force sooner and to thereby accelerate the speed of our spiritual development. One way or another, everyone will reach their full correction. However, it can happen either:

  1. Coercively, through suffering such as crises and wars, the way the whole world is doing today, or
  2. Willingly, voluntarily, pleasantly, and at an accelerated pace – which is what Kabbalah proposes.

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  1. When you speak of Reshimo I’m trying to translate into a simplified meaning for myself in my current state so I need to ask the following. Are Reshimo a remembrance of my souls corrected state in a previous physical body it occupied before occupying this current physical body, a remembrance of past corrections that my soul had obtained in this current physical body and is looking forward to them in the next set of advanced levels of corrections, or is it a remembrance that my soul is looking forward to of being connected back with the spiritual root before occupying any physical body? I apologize for asking this question in such a confusing way but, it is the best I can do with my simple mind.

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