A New Blog by the Columbian Group

Our friends in Columbia have created a new blog where they publish articles, news, photos, and videos about Kabbalah.


The most rigorous spiritual development is taking place in Latin American countries.

Good luck to you, and may you succeed! Only together!

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The Consequences of Egoism’s Growth

The Consequences of Egoism's GrowthQuestions I received on egoism and its negative consequences:

Question: Sometimes you give simple interpretations of the source texts. For example, in one of the daily Kabbalah lessons you talked about the verse from the prophets, “One’s enemies are his family.” I have experienced this through the division of my family. My question is: when is it acceptable to interpret a text literally and when isn’t it?

My Answer: As time goes on, egoism develops and hence more hatred becomes revealed everywhere and in everything. As a result we are revealing that everyone hates everyone. Soon we will also reach the situation described in this verse.

Every verse has to be correct on every level. However, whether it has already been revealed in our world or not is a matter of time.

Question: Could the expansion of egoism lead to megalomania or delusions of grandeur, like when a tyrant sees himself so powerful that he may claim to be G-d, or to another mental condition known as “G-d complex,” which is a psychological state of mind where a person believes that he has supernatural powers or G-d-like abilities?

My Answer: Under the influence of Ohr Makif, the ego grows in parallel with its own negation or correction. Without correction, a person only has a minimal level of egoism (this is what is revealed in him), but as soon as he starts correcting himself, new layers of egoism appear (are revealed).

Question: How does Kabbalah explain the increase in the worldwide suicide rate?

My Answer: The emptiness of one’s desire forces one to kill the desire. People will do anything to avoid feeling empty. Things will only get worse, especially among the youth!

Question: Religious canons view suicide as the greatest sin. How does Kabbalah view it?

My Answer: Suicide is one’s reaction to the impossibility of finding fulfillment in our world, because a person senses life only in the fulfillment of his desire! Only Kabbalah can attract the Light of fulfillment, and hence it is the only means able to prevent suicide.

Here’s a recent news report I saw on this (translated from Newsru.com): In China, a quarter of a million people annually end their lives in suicide. The US Army broke a 28-year record on the number of suicides among its personnel. In Japan, the number of annual deaths due to suicide is around 30 thousand. Russia takes first place in the number of suicides among kids, and is second in the world in the number of suicides overall.

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Now You Can Share Perceptions Through the Internet

Now You Can Share Perceptions Over the InternetNews Report (translated from membrana): Valeria Fuso, a young Italian designer, has created an “Experience Recorder” – a device that will enable people to exchange their experiences online. The “glove of perceptions” is equipped with movement and temperature sensors, photo and video cameras, and an audio recorder. The device can work in automatic regime, capturing every moment of the user’s life. The novelty device also has an option of immediate and independent access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The data received over a period of time is transmitted into the user’s blog.

My Comment: Other new technology that’s being rapidly developed is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), where everything is done through voice, including commands, communication, and so on. It is very convenient to use it while moving around, for example in telephones.

All human communication will soon come down to a virtual connection. The external attributes are fading away, and people’s “inner content” and connection with the environment are becoming more important. This will be followed by a need for a spiritual connection – a connection between man and the Creator. This also determines where our priorities are going with regard to the dissemination of Kabbalah in the world.

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Does Charity Really Help Anyone?

Does Charity Really Help Anyone?A question I received: I hear a lot of talk in the mass media about large scale charity projects aiming to help terminally ill children. There are entire sites being created just to help one person who’s dying from a rare disease. I also see that there’s a big response to this from society. Meanwhile there are hundreds of people dying every day from hunger and AIDS in Africa, but this does not bother anyone at all. I’d say that this is one big imbalance.

Is there any way we can make the world understand that all the “charity” only slows down the general development and creates an illusion that we are acting altruistically?

My Answer: We can only explain the positive things that Kabbalah gives to the world and what it adds to people’s lives. However, we can’t criticize any actions people make, especially “charitable” actions, because then we will only evoke their hatred and greater misunderstanding. People will see for themselves that charity doesn’t really help and that temporary relief is misleading and only causes bigger problems later on.

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There Are No Family Dynasties In Kabbalah

There Are No Family Dynasties In KabbalahQuestions I received on Rav Ashlag’s descendants and how to get one’s family involved in Kabbalah studies:

Question: Are Rav Ashlag’s descendants involved with your center?

My Answer: No.

Question: Where do they live?

My Answer: Mostly in Bnei Brak.

Question: Do they carry on their father and grandfather’s teachings in their own way?

My Answer: No.

Question: What do they think of you carrying on their father’s teachings?

My Answer: I’m not interested in what they think, because I received instructions from my Teacher.

Question: Are your wife and children involved?

My Answer: Yes. My son is in charge of book publication and distribution around the world (with the exception of Israel and Russia). My eldest daughter has a PhD in biology and is married to the manager of our Russian dissemination department. My youngest daughter is doing her dissertation in Kabbalah and is about to be married to my student. I am sure that my grandchildren will also follow this path because they live in this environment at home. My grandson watches lessons together with my son every day. Besides, their time will be the time of humanity’s spiritual development.

Question: How do we involve our spouses and children?

My Answer: Lovingly. “There is no coercion in spirituality.” Kabbalah is not a religion – there is no persuasion, intimidation, or convincing. Love is the only means to show them that the correction of the soul is the best possible thing and it’s necessary to all.

It is written, “The Torah is not inherited.” Every person realizes it within to the extent of his desire and efforts. This is how one reveals the Torah, the Upper Light, or the Creator within. Moreover, history shows that the spiritual heirs of the great Kabbalists were usually not their physical heirs.

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