Aliens Are but a Trick of the Imagination

Aliens Are a Trick of the ImaginationQuestions I received on aliens and other creatures:

Question: According to your explanation of Kabbalah, there is nothing but the Creator and the creation. The creation is man or the human soul. Does this mean that aliens don’t exist according to Kabbalah?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: Then how do you explain the fact that millions of people all over the world have witnessed encounters with aliens?

My Answer: It’s their imagination! They perceived something they really desired to be true as if it were actually happening.

Question: How can you even combine the topics of Kabbalah and aliens?

My Answer: You can’t. Kabbalah speaks about the soul that’s in the spiritual world, rather than different kinds of animate creatures in our world.

Question: How does Kabbalah view other creatures?

My Answer: As creatures of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. Man only lives on planet Earth.

Question: What is the meaning of different sacred living beings that are mentioned in the Torah? Are they different kinds of creatures?

My Answer: The Torah speaks only about man’s soul!

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The Kabbalistic Meaning of the Star of David, and Why We Should Respect Sports Stadiums

The Kabbalistic Meaning of the Star of David, and Why We Should Respect Sports Stadiums
Four questions I received on the breaking of the common soul, the Star of David, respect for sports stadiums, and self acceptance:

Question: Is it possible for the common soul of Adam to break again after the souls unite?

My Answer: No, which is why it’s called “the full correction” (Gmar Tikkun).

Question: Can you explain the Kabbalistic meaning of the Star of David?

My Answer: The two triangles represent the descent of the souls from above downward and their ascent from below upward. The fact that they overlap stands for the Creator’s particular and general governance of Malchut (David).

Question: While browsing through the Kabbalah website, I found a story about how you drove past a sports stadium with Rabash, and he commented that we have to respect this place because it gives a lot of pleasure to many people. How can a place like that be respected if the people there don’t have any desire for the Creator, and their entire desire and pleasure are just primitive egoism?

My Answer: A sports stadium is the Creator’s way of giving pleasure to the masses, and we have to respect everything that comes from the Creator, if it does not hurt one’s neighbor.

Question: Dear Rav, does the notion of self acceptance work with your teaching? It strikes me that it is necessary to renounce one’s self if one is ever to advance. Is that so?

My Answer: Accept yourself the way the Creator made you – deformed, in order to then justify the way He created you and the world. One does this by gradually revealing one’s oppositeness to the Creator, and then correcting it – transforming it to similarity to Him.

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To Be Born a Kabbalist

To Be Born a KabbalistIn the past, before the destruction of the Temple, children were born into a society that perceived the Upper World and the Creator, and based its life on the spiritual laws. Children perceived the relationship of “love thy neighbor as thyself” as an obvious fact of life. They always saw the adults setting this example and aspiring to attain greater connection with the Creator, whom they clearly perceived. Children understood that they were born into this world and exist in it temporarily only in order to create a connection with Him.

In the Bnei Baruch group, our children (and grandchildren) participate in Kabbalah lessons prepared especially for them. Their relationships are built under the guidance of teachers according to the principle of the Torah – bestowal and love of friends. They completely understand that they, and all people in general, are interconnected. The lessons take place on Sundays and during the whole day on Saturday. On Saturday, boys come with their fathers to the morning lesson and then stay for the whole day. We have a special course for them. Every few months I also give a lesson (a test) to all the children.

It’s a great pleasure to see and hear them, their questions and answers, and to observe these growing people forming a completely new outlook on the world. We don’t realize what it means to receive the true picture of the world during the childhood years, to understand the world’s origin, meaning, and purpose. This picture permeates a child’s consciousness and remains in him as his nature. By watching their daily behavior when they are together or apart, when they are at our center our outside of it, in daycare centers or schools, we can see that they behave differently, and have a special, refined inner quality – spirituality. Their similarity to the Upper Force guarantees them success and safety in our world.

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The Book of Zohar. Chapter “Who Is Your Partner?”

The Book of Zohar.The Book of Zohar. Chapter “Who Is Your Partner?” (abridged)

61. Rabbi Shimon said: “How much effort should man exert in the Torah day and night, for the Creator is stern to those who draw near Him. And with every word that man attains by his efforts in the Torah, he builds a firmament.”

62. When the Torah is renewed by one’s mouth (the Light of Hochma is revealed in the Masach of Peh de Rosh), that renewal (new correction) ascends and appears before the Creator (in the World of Infinity). And the Creator (the general Light of Hochma) accepts this wisdom (the newly revealed Light of Hochma), kisses it (joins with it), and adorns it with seventy adornments (Sefirot of the soul’s body). And the renewed wisdom (the Light of Hochma) ascends and settles on the head of the righteous that revive the worlds, and then flies, soaring through 70,000 worlds, until it ascends to Atik, the Sefira Keter. And all that exists in Atik is concealed, Supernal Wisdom.

63. And this hidden wisdom, which is renewed here in this world, ascends and joins with Partzuf Atik, enters 18 worlds, where “No eye has seen the Creator besides you.” The souls emerge from there and appear before Atik, complete and perfect. Meanwhile, Atik adorns them with 370,000 adornments – and the wisdom is transformed into a firmament.

64. And thus, man’s every correction in this world creates firmaments, the new Heavens, which appear before Partzuf Atik – they are “renewed firmaments,” concealed by Supernal Wisdom. And all the other parts of the Torah that are not renewed by means of Supernal Wisdom appear before the Creator, ascend and become “the lands of life” (Artzot HaChaim). They then descend and adorn the land – and out of all the renewed a new land comes into being.

65. It is written, “When the new land and the new Heavens, which I make.” It is written “I make,” in present tense, for they are made from revealing the secrets of the Torah. And it is written of this: “And I shall place it in your mouth, and in the shadow of your hands’ garments, that I may take the Heavens (renewed by the Torah), and lay the foundations of the land.”

66. What is the meaning of “in the shadow of your hands’ garments”? – When the Torah was passed to Moshe, thousands of angels appeared so as to raze him with the flames of their mouths. But the Creator protected him. So now, when the renewal in the Torah ascends and appears before the Creator, He protects it and shelters the one who performed it, so as to prevent the angels from finding out and envying him, until new Heaven and earth are made out of this renewal in the Torah. Hence, it is said, “To take the Heavens and lay the foundations of the land from the shadow of your hands’ garments.”

67. The Creator said to these gates and to the words of the Torah, renewed by Him: “Who are you with? You are my partners. Just as I make the Heavens and the earth with My words, as it is written, ‘By the Creator’s word were the Heavens made,’ so you create new Heavens and earth by your (correction) labor in the Torah.”

68. However, if the renewal of the Torah by one who does not even know what he is saying, creates a firmament, then one who does not aspire to reveal the secrets of the Torah, all that he renews ascends, and the reverse side of man (the male part of the impure force), and the false tongue (from Nukva of the impure force, called Tehom Raba – great abyss), and the reversed man skips 500 Parsaot (measures of distance) to receive this renewal of the Torah, takes it and makes a false firmament out of it, called Tohu (abyss).

69. The reversed man then flies across the empty firmament, traversing 6,000 Parsaot, stops, an impure woman emerges, who supports this empty firmament, she leaves it and slays hundreds of thousands, for she receives the power to fly and traverse the whole world in an instant.

70. It is written of it: “Do not facilitate fruitless transgression.” Transgression is related to the male part. The impure Nukva (the female force) draws the male impure part to fruitlessness. And then, as a result, a transgression is committed, as the male part draws the souls towards this Nukva, who grows strong and slays people. And many does she slay thereby. And who is it that caused all this? It is those that study the Torah, but do not attain “Ohrah and Morah” – Light and bestowal!

71. Rabbi Shimon said to his friends, “I beg of you not to utter any discernments from the Torah, so that they don’t hear from the Great Tree of Truth. Do not assist the impure Nukva in slaying people. They all opened and mouthed: “Save us, O Merciful One!”

72. Come and see, the Creator created the whole world by the Torah. And He looked into the Torah four times before He created the world. This should show people how not to err.

73. Opposite these four times, the Creator saw, counted, prepared, and investigated what He had created. Even before He had created it. It is therefore written, “In the beginning the Creator Et (article)” – four words, corresponding to the four above. And then, it is written: “Heaven” – opposite all four words, for the Creator looked into the Torah before He began to manifest His thought into reality.

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Why Do We Feel Suffering?

Why Do We Feel Suffering?Two questions I received on suffering:

Question: Why do our five senses feel our lack of similarity to spirituality as suffering?

My Answer: It’s because our senses are desires for fulfillment. They were fulfilled in the World of Infinity and were later emptied due to the breaking – the common soul’s separation into a multitude of separate parts or souls. Each soul has recollections (Reshimot) of the past fulfillment, and these Reshimot are now awakening and demanding fulfillment.

What you call suffering is this emptiness you are feeling. When you change your attitude to the sensation of suffering, then you will experience it as fulfillment and happiness. Our attitude or intention can change everything.

The actual state we’re in is static and constant; the only thing that changes is our attitude to it. It determines whether we feel ourselves as being in this world – in the concealment of the Creator, or in His revelation – on the degrees of the five worlds, or in the World of Infinity.

Question: What should I do if my only appeal to the Creator is: “Give me strength not to hate you,” and if despite my work in the group, dissemination, and lessons, the only thing I feel is that my situation at home is getting much worse, my economic circumstances are constantly deteriorating (and I can’t even find a job), and so on. I suddenly started feeling completely estranged from the Creator. Is it normal for Kabbalah to bring material devastation?

My Answer: Rabash told me how difficult it was for him to find work, and how many times he had to change jobs, which included being a shoemaker, a concrete worker, a scribe and a servant.

You must have the same attitude to this as everyone else, but at the same time, regularly (according to a set schedule) continue engaging in that for which you are living in this world – the correction of your soul. Be a little more humble – think that everything comes from the Creator, and the only thing you desire is to feel that this is so.

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All the Prophets Wrote About Us

All the Prophets Wrote About UsQuestions I received on the prophets, the future of humanity, and the Bnei Baruch community:

Question: I’m wondering whether I understand this correctly: None of the prophets ever spoke about what was happening in their time nor about the forthcoming destruction of the Temple, but only about our times – the spiritual ascent and elimination of egoism that will take place?

My Answer: Yes. See the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin, page 99 А.

Question: I am worried: will humanity be able to change and understand what matters most, or will it be held back by the war between Russia and Georgia and the world will drown in madness and chaos?

My Answer: I hope that our dissemination efforts will bring the world to a peaceful correction, without preliminary fighting.

Question: I heard that there was a time when Bnei Baruch was looking for an opportunity for Kabbalists to live together. However, even though your students live near the Bnei Baruch center, they still don’t live together. Why is that? Do you lack finances, an appropriate place, or this is necessary to strengthen the desire?

My Answer: We wanted to create a model of the future society within a close-knit environment, until we discovered that it’s necessary to come out into the greater world and enlighten the whole of humanity, instead of isolating ourselves.

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Don’t Starve Yourself – Use the Upper Light Instead

Don't Starve Yourself - Use the Upper Light InsteadA question I received: I have a question about the sages of the past. I have heard you mention that they used to sleep on the ground and restrict themselves in many ways. I was wondering why this was so, because we learn that only the Light can change us and also that Kabbalah forbids things such as starving ourselves, running away to a monastery, and so on. The way they behaved in the past seems just like Eastern teachings.

My Answer: It’s because the development of egoism (which determines all human development) is a process, and back then egoism was developed only on a small level. To attain correction, it was sufficient to limit oneself physically and study the Torah, as Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot“: “Eat bread with salt, drink little water, sleep on the ground, and labor in the Torah. If so you do, happy you will be; happy in this world and happy in the world to come.” This shows that no one revoked the correction by the Upper Light, because initially it is written: “I created egoism and I created the Torah for its correction, because its Light returns one to Me.”

However, later, during the destruction of the Temple (about 2,000 years ago), there was a sudden jump in the development of egoism, and people fell into egoism (the Temple was destroyed). Kabbalists then performed a special correction in the system of the Upper Worlds that govern us, so that instead of using restrictions, we would also use the Upper Light (Ohr Makif).

Hence, when a person with great egoism fasts (limits himself), then he usually begins to take pride in his actions and moves away from the goal even more. He thinks that by increasing the limitations and the details of observance, he will become more righteous. This is why Kabbalists completely canceled the outer, physical conditions, actions and limitations, and by so doing they moved away from religion even more. This was done because a person can get confused and think that physical actions amount to correction.

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