We Raise the Entire Universe Up to the Creator

We Raise the Entire Universe Up to the CreatorA question I received: By disseminating Kabbalah you ascended spiritually and enabled Rabash to ascend even higher. This is why during his life Rabash did everything to make sure that you would continue to disseminate Kabbalah once he is gone – this was the purpose of his life. Before his death Rabash instructed you to continue disseminating Kabbalah. Does your dissemination of Kabbalah today play any role in Rabash’s afterlife?

My Answer: All the souls are absolutely interconnected. Even in our world studies already reveal that every one of us knows everyone else through a sixth acquaintance. Baal HaSulam explains that all the souls in our world go through correction over the course of 6,000 years, in the form of one Partzuf:

  • At first, during the first 2,000 years, the world, common soul, Kelim Chabad are corrected with the Light of Nefesh;
  • Next, over the second 2,000 years, the world, the common soul, Kelim Hagat are corrected with the Light of Ruach;
  • Finally, over the last 2,000 years (and we are living at the end of this period), the world, the common soul, Kelim NHY are corrected with the Light of Neshama.

By correcting ourselves we receive the smallest Light – Nefesh, but due to our correction in the first souls (the forefathers, the great Kabbalists of the past), our corrections reveal the greatest Light – Neshama. The Kabbalists of the past prepared all the conditions for our correction, but it is we who correct the broken (devoid of a screen, of the intention “for the sake of bestowal”) and the mixed (Bina and Malchut) Kelim (desires). Hence, we and our actions are the most important in the process of creation’s development. We raise the entire universe up to the Creator!

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It’s Time to Implement Baal HaSulam’s Dream – In Virtual Space!

It's Time to Implement Baal HaSulam's Dream - In Virtual SpaceA question I received: Do you really think that the time has already come to implement Baal HaSulam’s dream about the State of Kabbalah in a virtual space?

My Answer: I see that everything is already technologically ready in the Internet and people’s consciousness has developed so they feel the need to exist in a spiritual society. According to research (published by Reuters in the news article, “Porn passed over as Web users become social”) people today are already more drawn to virtual communication (social networking sites) than to sex (pornographic sites). This clearly indicates that the modern society, the youth, has a demand for communication. It’s because the desire for sex is the fundamental desire of the animate level, the foundation of the egoistic desire. And if it is being voluntarily replaced with the desire for communication, then the time for correcting egoism has come!

Baal HaSulam’s words about the future society (see the article “The Future Generation” and the newspaper “The Nation“) must already be implemented in the virtual space. Of course, this is just the beginning, but I’m sure that as soon as we’ll be able to offer people a good platform for spiritual communication, then the masses will aspire to it. I look forward to receiving your ideas and technical proposals!

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The Right Path Is Paved With Confusion Together With Clarity

The Right Path Is Paved With Confusion Together With ClarityTwo questions I received on why things become more confusing when you study more, and how to tell that you are on the right track:

Question: When I started watching lessons on youtube and beginners lessons at the Ari Online Learning Center, everything was so clear and simple and made sense. But now that I am much more engaged and I started reading a lot of articles and the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar,” everything became much harder and more confusing, to the degree that sometimes I think of posting a question but I can’t even express it in words! Does this mean that I am not on the right track?

My Answer: Many articles will tell you that these states are precisely the states leading to revelation. It’s because we don’t reveal spirituality through knowledge, but through equivalence of form. As long as my qualities are different from the qualities of the thing I want to attain, I imagine it in my mind, speculatively, and I understand it more or less.

But as soon as I start approaching it through equivalence of form, then I can no longer build “mental” pictures because my feelings override them. Hence I am confused, don’t understand anything, feel dumb, and in general I don’t know “where, who, or why?”

All you have to do is continue, and suddenly the fog will clear away and a new picture and understanding will emerge. This will be once again followed by fog, and then clarity – and so on, many times over!

Question: As a student who did not attain anything yet, how can I know if I am on the right track or not?

My Answer: Precisely by the states I described above – constant confusion and clarifications in your mind, and sensations of ease and heaviness in your heart.

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Announcement from Bnei Baruch Management

Shana TovaDear friends!

Bnei Baruch is hosting an international Internet campaign in conjunction with the FLIX website. The campaign is called “Shana Tova” (Happy New Year), and it’s dedicated to the Israeli New Year, which will begin on September 29, 2008. The campaign is a competition of the best video wishing people a Happy New Year.

Every time someone views a video clip on the FLIX website, they will see an ad of our website – “Kabbalah L’Am.”

Click here to watch an explanatory video on how you can easily help disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah by participating in this campaign.

So far 345 video clips have been posted and watched by 121,571 people! Here are just a few to sample – by watching them, you will be helping to disseminate Kabbalah (please wait for the video clips to finish playing):

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The Jewish Holidays Are Steps of Spiritual Ascent and Greater Unity Between the Souls

The Jewish Holidays Are Steps of Spiritual AscentA question I received: What is the Kabbalistic meaning of the Jewish holidays that are coming up?

My Answer: According to the program of creation, all of life is the process of correction of the created egoism so it will be used for love and bestowal to people, and from there – to the Creator. There is no other purpose, meaning or fulfillment in life. This process is comprised of regular actions of correction – the weekdays, and special actions – the Sabbath and holidays.

The Torah divides the holidays (the special actions of correction) into Hagim (Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkoth) and Moadim. Moadim means “holy gatherings”; they are holy because “bestowal” is called holiness. This is when special corrections are done through greater unity (gatherings) of souls, and this is how the souls attain a special degree of closeness with the Creator. The great Kabbalist the Ari describes these states in detail in the book Ta’amei Mitzvot. However, in our time there are no Moadim because there is no Temple and we are not on the level of the gathering of souls into a single soul.

In addition to this, there are holidays that follow the dates of the calendar, that is to say, that follow the direct implementation of the program of correction. These are the Sabbath, Rosh Hodesh (the new month), Rosh HaShana (the New Year), and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement of egoism). So altogether there are five holidays: Pesach (in April), Shavuot (in June), Rosh HaShana (in September), Yom Kippur (in October), and Sukkoth (in October). Each holiday corresponds to a specific level of ascent along the 125 steps of the ladder of ascent toward the correction of the soul, from the egoistic level of our world until the soul’s absolute similarity to the Creator – the World of Infinity.

All the special days are states of ascent due to a special connection between the souls, where the souls attain greater unity in order to become One, like the Creator. All the holidays have been passed down to us from the time when the people of Israel were on the spiritual level and performed acts of correction according to the Creator’s design. However, in our time, instead of correcting egoism and unifying our souls, these actions have been replaced with ritual prayer gatherings.

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