The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Fourth Commandment”

The Book of Zohar.The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Fourth Commandment” (abridged)

208. The fourth Commandment (the basis of the universe) is to know (to attain in one’s corrected properties) that HaVaYaH (the One who created you and your desires, inside which you are now attaining the Light) is Elokim (the One who loves and bestows, the properties of Bina), as it is written: KNOW THIS DAY (in your mind) AND LAY IT IN YOUR HEART (in all of your desires) THAT HaVaYaH (your Kli, the soul’s body) IS ELOKIM (Bina, love and bestowal). That is, the name Elokim is included in the name of the HaVaYaH, and there is no distinction between them. HaVaYaH is ZA, and Elokim is Nukva. It is essential to unite ZA with Nukva by making their properties similar, so there is no distinction between them. Thus, the name Elokim of Nukva will be included in the name HaVaYaH of ZA, so that Nukva (man) herself will become as HaVaYaH (the Creator).

209. Hence, it is written, “Let the stars in Heaven shine upon the earth.” This means that both stars, the two names, HaVaYaH and ELOKIM, are as one. This way, Malchut (Elokim) should merge with the name HaVaYaH (ZA). The black Light (Malchut) with the white Light (ZA), as one, without distinction. The white cloud by day (ZA) with the pillar of fire by night (Malchut); the property of day (ZA) merged with the property of night (Malchut), so they shine as one star.

210. This is the sin of the primeval serpent that unites below but separates Above; hence, it caused what it caused to the world. What should be united Above, should be separated below. The black Light, which is Malchut, should be united Above with ZA into a single whole and then separate it from the “evil side.”

211. Nevertheless, one should know that Elokim and HaVaYaH are one, without distinction. HaVaYaH is Elokim. If man knows that all is one and does not cause any separation, then even the opposite, impure forces disappear from the world, instead of descending below.

212. The secret behind the word Me’orot, which consists of the words Mavet (death) and Ohr (Light), is that the impure forces follow knowledge, understanding, and thought. And this is Light, which is the opposite of death – Mavet, for the Light (Ohr) is inside death – Mavet (spelled as Me’ot) in the word ME’ohrOT. This alludes to the fact that Light separates death, but when Light disappears, the letters unite and form the word “death.”

213. Chava started with these letters, and brought evil into the world. As it is written, the woman SAW that it was good to bring the letters of the word Me’ohrot back. From there she took the letters VavTavReishAleph, leaving only the letters Mem and Vav. And they took with them the letter Tav, thus forming the word MemVavTav (Mavet – death). And they brought death into the world.

214. And look: Rabbi Elazar said, “My father, I have learned that after Chava had removed the letters VeTiR’E from the word Me’ohrot, the letters Mem and Vav did not remain. Only the letter Mem remained, for the letter Vav, which is the letter of life, turned into death. This occurred because it attached the letter Tav to itself, thus forming the word MaVeT.” He replied: “Blessed are you, my son!”

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Israel Are Those Who Aspire Straight to the Creator

Israel Are Those Who Aspire Straight to the CreatorA question I received: Does Kabbalah see the Jewish nation as the chosen people of G-d?

My Answer: The chosen people are a group of people who may have any earthly features or qualities. The important thing is that they have “points in the heart” – an aspiration for the goal of creation: adhesion with the Creator through equivalence of form. This group must also have a sense of its mission: to master the method of correction and to teach it to the whole world.

The group is called Israel (from the words Isra – straight and El – the Creator) because it is directed “straight to the Creator” – to bestowal and love for one’s neighbor. Anyone in this condition is named Israel, and is “chosen.”

We all came from the ancient civilization in Babylon – one nation. Some of the people in ancient Babylon accepted the method of correction that Abraham offered to everyone, and because of their intention, this group was named Israel.

Today, we – the whole of mankind, are recognizing that we’ve reached a dead end of the egoistic development, which has lasted for 4500 years, since the times of ancient Babylon. This recognition will compel us to rise above our egoism, and together to reach the Creator’s level. This is Nature’s plan.

Those who feel and recognize this call have the task of leading all of humanity, all of Babylon. That’s what makes them chosen. Here is what Baal HaSulam writes in item 19 of his article “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”:

Rabbi Elazar, the son of Rabbi Shimon, author of The Book of Zohar, clarifies this concept even further by saying that it is not enough that all of Israel be responsible for one another, but that the whole world must be included in that bond… The end of the world’s correction will come when all the nations of the world join together in their aspiration for the Creator. He will then reveal Himself to all, as the sages said: “And the Lord shall be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord shall be one and His name one. And the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, and all the nations shall flow unto Him.”

The role of Israel toward the world is that they are obliged to ascend spiritually and to prepare all of humanity to accept the exalted work of “love for one’s neighbor,” which is a means, a ladder leading to the goal of creation – adhesion with the Creator.

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Study Kabbalah, and the Spiritual Worries Will Outweigh Your Current Worries

Study Kabbalah, and Spiritual Worries Will Outweigh Your Current OnesQuestions I received on how to improve our lives through Kabbalah and what to study:

Question: How do I improve the quality of my life when I don’t even know what I want to do with my life? How do I find my area of interest?

My Answer: Read the book Attaining the Worlds Beyond, join a group and try to receive the meaning of life from the group.

Question: It is better to listen to lessons from past congresses or to study with the worldwide Bnei Baruch group?

My Answer: Study whatever you feel attracted to.

Question: Why do our thoughts keep returning to things that happened in the past?

My Answer: Because you don’t aspire forward!

Question: How can a person who is studying Kabbalah avoid the changing of the conditions of his advancement, and what causes it?

My Answer: This is not our business. The only thing that’s in our power and choice is to intensify the influence of the Upper Light on us. So concentrate on this!

Question: How can studying Kabbalah help me overcome panic and anxiety attacks?

My Answer: You will start being anxious about other things, such as “Why don’t I love the Creator and my neighbor? I’m such an egoist! Why am I not inside the group with all of my aspiration?” and so on. These worries will outweigh your current ones.

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