Study Kabbalah, and the Spiritual Worries Will Outweigh Your Current Worries

Study Kabbalah, and Spiritual Worries Will Outweigh Your Current OnesQuestions I received on how to improve our lives through Kabbalah and what to study:

Question: How do I improve the quality of my life when I don’t even know what I want to do with my life? How do I find my area of interest?

My Answer: Read the book Attaining the Worlds Beyond, join a group and try to receive the meaning of life from the group.

Question: It is better to listen to lessons from past congresses or to study with the worldwide Bnei Baruch group?

My Answer: Study whatever you feel attracted to.

Question: Why do our thoughts keep returning to things that happened in the past?

My Answer: Because you don’t aspire forward!

Question: How can a person who is studying Kabbalah avoid the changing of the conditions of his advancement, and what causes it?

My Answer: This is not our business. The only thing that’s in our power and choice is to intensify the influence of the Upper Light on us. So concentrate on this!

Question: How can studying Kabbalah help me overcome panic and anxiety attacks?

My Answer: You will start being anxious about other things, such as “Why don’t I love the Creator and my neighbor? I’m such an egoist! Why am I not inside the group with all of my aspiration?” and so on. These worries will outweigh your current ones.

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