A Reshimo Is One’s Complete Future State

A Reshimo Is One's Complete Future StateA question I received: What is a Reshimo?

My Answer: It’s one’s complete future state – the following, higher degree, which one perceives in a concealed way – obscurely and confusedly. In addition, a Reshimo awakens one’s aspiration toward the future state.

When I put my efforts into my environment (the teacher, group, books, and study) in order to acquire the importance of the future state, then to the degree I aspire to it, the Light from my future state (the next degree) shines onto me from afar – that’s why it’s called Ohr Makif, the Surrounding Light. It shines into my Reshimo with a force equal to the force I’ve acquired by receiving the importance of my future state from my environment (the teacher, group, books, and study) – the force of my aspiration toward the future state. And then this Reshimo becomes my actual state, my next degree.

The Reshimo contains all the information about one’s future state. However, a person does not have enough Light or force to realize it. Kabbalah was given to us in order to attract this force sooner and to thereby accelerate the speed of our spiritual development. One way or another, everyone will reach their full correction. However, it can happen either:

  1. Coercively, through suffering such as crises and wars, the way the whole world is doing today, or
  2. Willingly, voluntarily, pleasantly, and at an accelerated pace – which is what Kabbalah proposes.

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The Upper Light’s Influence Is of a Higher Order Than Any Earthly Influence

The Upper Light's Influence Is of a Higher Order than Any Earthly InfluenceQuestions I received on vegetarianism, antidepressants, and lifting curses:

Question: Is it worthwhile taking antidepressants? What if a man is 36 years old, he doesn’t know what path he’s on, isn’t married or dating, doesn’t know what to do with his life, what kind of job to look for, and just feels totally confused – what should he do? What does Kabbalah say about this?

My Answer: The only question Kabbalah answers is, “What is the meaning of my life?” and not one’s mundane concerns!

Question: I recently discovered that a curse has been put on my close relatives. I don’t know whether to believe it or not, but either way, it’s pretty scary. How can I tell if this is really true and how can the the curse be lifted? I don’t know who to turn to, please help!

My Answer: We are all interconnected in one soul like cogwheels in a single mechanism. Hence, negative opinions and thoughts influence the person at whom they are directed. When the influence is stronger than usual, it is called “an evil eye,” “a curse,” and so on.

The only solution is to have the opposite influence – good thoughts and opinions. I am sure that the best protection from all the bad things is our lessons! By watching them you attract the Upper Light to yourself, and it leads you toward the goal. Its influence is of a higher order than any earthly influence! Desire a connection with the Creator, and take refuge in Him.

Question: What does Kabbalah say about vegetarianism? Is there any point in giving up on food and clothing made of animals?

My Answer: Everything in the world must be used sensibly.

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Shana TovaThere are only 5 days left until the end of the huge internet dissemination project, Shana Tova! (Happy New Year). Our internet department is asking you to help us reach 1,000,000 video clip views. Please view the below 10 clips and wait for them to finish playing.

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Is There Such a Thing As a Happy Childhood?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThree questions I received on childhood and teaching Kabbalah to children:

Question: Everyone thinks that it’s wonderful being a child. I’ve been observing my own and other children, the games they play and their relationships. What I see is an endless and extremely difficult power struggle. In addition, children work very hard every moment of their lives, even while playing. So where did people get this idea of a wonderful, easy and pleasant childhood? I don’t see that it is any of these, not even for a moment!

My Answer: Because man wants to justify his existence, he creates illusions of a happy life during childhood, when he used to play in a hut with his sweethearts and friends, imagining that they were in paradise. However, nothing of the sort ever takes place in our egoistic qualities, despite the wonderful fantasies, dreams and movies about it.

In our time we are starting to realize that all of these “wonderful” things are in fact absolutely monstrous and absurd. When we lose our illusions and reach a new, real perception of reality, we will perceive perfection through the qualities of love and bestowal, which will be above our egoism rather than inside it.

Question: At what age can we start teaching children Kabbalah, and how do we do it?

My Answer: To learn about this, visit our “Kabbalah on Education” and “Kabbalah for Children” sections.

Question: I love watching the Bnei Baruch children’s lessons, but I always fall asleep when watching any other lessons. I’m a mother and I pass my insight on to my children. However, it’s difficult for me to get through other lessons. How can I advance?

My Answer: Do it together with your children – and that’s sufficient!

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Happy New Year from Mexico!

Here’s another New Year’s wish for the Shana Tova contest – this one is from my students in Mexico!

The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Third Commandment”

The Book of ZoharThe Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Third Commandment” (abridged)

204. The third Commandment is to attain, investigate and know that there is an Almighty Lord who governs the world, and to unite this every day (the revelation of the Upper Light in the soul) in the six Supernal limbs: HGT NHY of Zeir Anpin (parts of the soul), and to unify them in the six words of the prayer “Hear O Israel” (“Hear” is the property of Bina, Israel is the aspiration toward the Creator) and through this prayer to direct our desires upwards (toward acquiring the property of bestowal). Therefore, we must prolong the word ONE in the six words: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our Creator, the Lord is O-O-O-NE” (a sign of the aspiration upward).

205. It is therefore written, “Let the waters under the Heavens be gathered together onto one place.” This means that all the degrees under the Heavens will gather onto one place, to become perfect in the six ends (properties of ZA). Therewith, fear must be attached to the unity of the words: “Hear, O Israel,” which is done by prolonging the pronunciation of the letter Dalet in the word ECHAD. This is why the letter Dalet in the word echaD is written larger than the other letters. It is written, “Let the dry land appear” – let the letter Dalet (designating dry land) be attached to that unity.

207. It is written, AND THE CREATOR CALLED THE DRY LAND EARTH. This refers to the same unity below, by the words, BLESSED BE HIS GREAT NAME FOR EVER AND EVER, when the earth, called “desire,” became what it should be. For the word “earth” (Eretz) means desire (Ratzon). Hence, the expression “IT WAS GOOD” appears twice on the third day of creation: once for the Upper unity and once for the lower. For Malchut merges with both sides of ZA – with VAK de ZA and with her own VAK. Henceforth, the earth brings forth grass, for it has been corrected to yield fruit.

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