Overcome Yourself by Raising the Importance of the Goal

Overcome Yourself by Raising the Importance of the GoalThree questions I received on sharing one’s personal attainments, staying connected with the Creator on every new level, and overcoming disgust of Kabbalah:

Question: Why is it harmful to share your personal attainments with others? And if so, what is meant by “attainment” in this case? Is the prohibition only on sharing one’s “communication” with the Creator, or are there other forbidden topics? Is it harmful for people to share their experience of going through different states, such as how they came out of descents, and their relationships with the environment? I feel that other people’s experience really helps me, and enables me to discover new perspectives on how to do inner work in Kabbalah.

My Answer: You cannot bring your personal relationship with the Creator outside of you. The Creator is envious! This can be compared to a situation where you love someone, or your intimate relationships, or how much money you have in the bank, and so on. There are things that you don’t want to share with everyone.

In Kabbalah, there are several reasons for the prohibition:

  • One does not speak with anyone about the things he holds most dear;
  • Any person can harm your spiritual path with his thoughts and desires, even unintentionally;
  • Corrections are done through the intention, not through words.

Question: On every new level, what can help me stay connected with the Creator, and perform a correct analysis of my thoughts and desires, considering that everything starts from zero on every new level?

My Answer: The only thing that can help is a framework that you set ahead of time:

  • systematic studies for 1-3 hours a day;
  • dissemination for 1+ hours a day; and
  • attending a gathering of friends once a week together with other people who are physically near you.

Question: Over the last week or two, I feel disgusted during the morning lessons. But I also feel an inner urge to persist in studying and coming to the morning lessons. This also happens in relation to the friends in the group. How should I deal with this situation?

My Answer: You should overcome yourself, but without breaking or forcing yourself – only by raising the importance of the goal, “The Attainment of the Creator.” You should see all the disturbances as a mountain that you have to climb in order to reach the goal, the Creator.

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You Can’t Teach Anyone Through Force

You Can't Teach Anyone Through ForceQuestions I received on how to communicate with children and spouses:

Question: I think that people shouldn’t satisfy all of their children’s needs and desires. For example, I sent my children to expensive schools far away from home, but recently found out that they are using the opportunity to take drugs. Should I set an ultimatum for them – that I won’t support them financially unless they stop taking drugs? In the past I threatened one of my children this way, and I even stopped supporting him. But it didn’t help and only had the opposite effect, making us alienated from each other for a long time.

My Answer: You’ve reached you own understanding of the fact that you can’t teach anyone through force. This will only push them away. What should you do? Put them in the correct environment! There is no other solution.

Question: I’m in a situation where I can do something for my child, but I think that this action will harm him or prevent him from learning on his own, and in the long run it will only create greater difficulties for my child because one way or another he will have to learn on his own. However, my wife still insists on doing it. Is there anything I can do other than propose my point of view?

My Answer: Express your point of view calmly and objectively. Explain that there are laws of nature, and we all carry them out whether we like it or not. Don’t be frantic or angry when you explain this. Perhaps this will help, and if it doesn’t, then they will learn from the blows of fate, but already on a conscious level.

Actually, nothing enters a person’s consciousness without blows of fate. However, the blows can come in the form of our realization, without having to reach practical manifestation.

Everything depends on your wife – both the outer one and the inner one (your desires). I think that dealing with the inner wife is even more difficult than with the outer one.

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Souls Are Always Outside of Bodies

Souls Are Always Outside the BodiesQuestions I received on souls and the connections between them:

Question: Can one soul connect to another soul if it has never seen its corporeal body? What I mean is: is it possible for a soul to unite with another soul, without the latter making that connection as well?

My Answer: Yes. It can be done by means of a common screen, or by the second soul’s submission, like the Upper One with regard to the lower one.

Question: Can a person who still hasn’t crossed the Machsom talk to souls residing in bodies, and with souls residing outside of bodies?

My Answer: Souls are always “outside of bodies,” and the presence of a body is insignificant for a soul. A connection with the soul is made through a common screen.

Question: In one of the kab.tv broadcasts you said that animals don’t have a soul. Can you please explain: what specifically is your basis for saying this?

My Answer: Perhaps there was a misunderstanding. Of course every creature (including humans) contains a force that enlivens it. However, the soul is defined as “A part of the Creator from Above,” and hence it is only present in a person who has developed it by studying Kabbalah. That is to say, he rose above the Machsom and attained the quality of bestowal and love, at least at the first level.

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The Book of Zohar. Chapter “He Who Rejoices on Holidays”

The Book of ZoharThe Book of Zohar. Chapter “He Who Rejoices on Holidays” (abridged)

174. Rabbi Shimon opened (the Light) and said: “He who rejoices on holidays and does not give a part to the Creator (receives not for the sake of bestowal), the evil eye (the Light of Hochma in the desire to receive) hates and slanders him, removes him from this world, and brings him many miseries.”

175. The Creator’s role is to cheer the poor (those who reveal the desire for Him), according to His ability. For the Creator appears (reveals Himself) on the holidays (when the desire appears in man from Above) so as to look at all of His broken souls. He comes to them, and He sees that there is nothing to rejoice in, and He weeps for them (conceals Himself), and ascends Above (progressively conceals the Light) to destroy the world.

176. The members of the assembly then appear before the Creator (ascend to Him) and say (raise MAN): “Master of the world, You are called merciful and forgiving, send Your mercy upon Your sons (those who wish to become like You).” He answers them: “Have I not done so, when I created the world based on mercy? As it is written, ‘The world is built by mercy’ and the world is established upon it. However, if they do not show mercy (correction, bestowal) to the poor (empty desires), the world will be destroyed.” The Heavenly angels (nature’s forces) then say to Him: “Master of the world, here is a man who had eaten and drunk to his heart’s content (fulfilled himself for his own sake), and could have been merciful to the poor (corrected his desires), but did not do anything.” The prosecutor appears, receives permission, and persecutes that man (the poor man – one who lacks a Screen to receive the Light inside).

177. There are none greater in our world than Avraham, who acted with mercy toward all creatures. It is written of the day that he prepared a feast: “The child grew and was weaned, and Avraham made a great feast on the day that Yitzhak was weaned.” So Avraham prepared a feast (when his son, the next degree, passed from Katnut into Gadlut) and invited all the leaders of that generation (the governing forces of the Upper degree). It is well known that at every feast (reception of the Light of Hochma), the supreme prosecutor (the condition of mastering the Upper degree) is about, watching. And if there are any poor people in the house, he leaves that house and does not return there. However, if the prosecutor enters a house and sees rejoicing without the poor –without having first shown mercy to the poor – he ascends Above and brings accusations against the host of that feast.

178. Because Avraham was the leader of his generation (the force of ascent onto the next degree), the prosecutor descended from the Heavens and stood at the door of his house, disguised as a poor man (in order to give him an option: either to remain at this degree or to accept the poor, the uncorrected desire, and ascend even higher). And nobody so much as looked at him.

Avraham (the male part of the degree) was attending to kings and ministers (mastering the forces of the degrees), and Sarah (the female part of the degree) was feeding all of their children (filling the newly corrected desires of the degree with the Light of Hassadim), for they did not believe that she had born a child (that the property of Hassadim can beget the next degree), but rather claimed that Yitzhak was a foundling (underwent correction through properties other than theirs), whom they had bought at the marketplace (did not correct themselves). This is why they brought their children with them, and Sarah nursed them in front of all (all properties exist within one man).

179. The Creator said to him: “Who in the world is like Avraham?” And the prosecutor did not leave from there until he had consumed the entire fare (received the Light in his desires, corrected by Avraham – mercy). So the Creator decreed that Yitzhak (the left force, the desire to receive) is to be sacrificed (cut off from receiving Light). And He said that Sarah shall die from grief for her son (as she has no connection to the left line). The cause of this grief is that he did not give anything to the poor.

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How Do You Fight Group Laziness?

How Do You Fight Group Laziness?A question I received (my answers appear in bold font): In this blog entry you wrote: “You shouldn’t fight against anything, except your own laziness in carrying out the instructions of Kabbalists.” If a group of men has agreed to carry out the instructions of Kabbalists – we have composed a charter and created a group – but then began to experience group laziness, then what should we do?

  • Admit that we’re not ready, that we can’t carry out the part of the instructions that deal with friendship and the group, and then get together to discuss what to do next? Try to fight this state by elevating the importance of the goal.
  • Pretend that nothing is happening? Definitely not! Otherwise this will go on forever.
  • Focus on dissemination? This is the only way to work together and perform actions of bestowal. Hence, the best thing to do is to get together only for dissemination and weekly gatherings of friends. Later, once you mature, you will be able to expand your relationships.

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The Reshimot Surfacing Today Demand Spiritual Ascent of All Humanity

The Reshimot Surfacing Today Demand Spiritual Ascent of All HumanityA question I received: What is the connection between Reshimot and the history of humanity? You have said that the first Reshimo that developed in this world was the point in the heart. Does this mean that the history of humanity is the sequential expression of Reshimot?

Answer: All matter descended from above downwards, from the World of Infinity to our world, and each level of descent left behind Reshimot (reminiscences, informational data). In our world everything unravels from this spiral of Reshimot in the reverse order, from below upwards.

First comes the development of Reshimot on the still level of nature, then the vegetative level, followed by the animate level and finally matter on the speaking or human level. Man also develops gradually through the chain of Reshimot, and this constitutes the historical development.

However, the first spiritual Reshimo of our movement back (from below upwards) surfaced only 5768 years ago in a man named Adam, and then in more and more people. This is why Kabbalists use Adam as the starting point of the calendar. The nation of Israel was born from the group of Kabbalists, and hence it too considers Adam to be the starting point of its history. Adam was the first man to attain the Creator, and he told us about Him in the book The Angel Raziel.

Today the Reshimot are surfacing and developing on their final stage, and they are demanding their spiritual realization by all people – the ascent of all people to the World of Infinity.

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On the Men and Women Inside Us

On the Men and Women Inside UsWhen it comes to being persistent, the men have something to learn from the women. Women never cease asking – how can they be equal to men? The sensation of inferiority subconsciously weighs down on them. It comes from the “Creator’s curse” described in the Torah. Hence, it is present in every woman and she feels it in everything.

In spiritual work, our desires are “the woman within us,” whereas the intentions of bestowal that we have to acquire over these desires are “the men within us.” Our “inner women” have to desire to acquire their “inner men,” to unite with them and give birth to sons – the corrected souls filled with Light!

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