How Do You Fight Group Laziness?

How Do You Fight Group Laziness?A question I received (my answers appear in bold font): In this blog entry you wrote: “You shouldn’t fight against anything, except your own laziness in carrying out the instructions of Kabbalists.” If a group of men has agreed to carry out the instructions of Kabbalists – we have composed a charter and created a group – but then began to experience group laziness, then what should we do?

  • Admit that we’re not ready, that we can’t carry out the part of the instructions that deal with friendship and the group, and then get together to discuss what to do next? Try to fight this state by elevating the importance of the goal.
  • Pretend that nothing is happening? Definitely not! Otherwise this will go on forever.
  • Focus on dissemination? This is the only way to work together and perform actions of bestowal. Hence, the best thing to do is to get together only for dissemination and weekly gatherings of friends. Later, once you mature, you will be able to expand your relationships.

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