Why Isn’t Spirituality Attained Individually, but Through Mutual Guarantee?

Why Isn't Spirituality Attained Individually, but Through Mutual Guarantee?A question I received: Today the wisdom of Kabbalah isn’t passed down the way it was in the past, from a Rav to a student. Instead, it is implemented in a big group. Spirituality is attained in a group, where all 600,000 people reach attainment together like at Mount Sinai. Is it true that there are no more individuals who can attain spirituality by the old method? Is this the reason why the mutual guarantee, “love your neighbor as yourself” in a group is now the method for attaining equivalence with the Creator?

My Answer: Kabbalah was revealed by Abraham in ancient Babylon. It’s a method of correcting the egoism of the whole civilization, bringing it to equivalence with the Creator – eternal and perfect existence. However, since the people of Babylon did not want to correct their egoism, but wanted to develop egoistically, we have now reached the dead end of such development, just like The Book of Zohar predicted.

Today that entire Babylonian civilization has spread around the whole planet, and it is reaching the conclusion that it’s necessary to implement the method of egoism’s correction. There is simply no other way to go, as otherwise we will destroy ourselves. The way to implement the method of correction is for everyone to unite into one soul, to “love your neighbor as yourself.” In the Torah, this is explained as the condition of the Creator’s revelation at Mount Sinai.

Throughout the past 4000 years the method was preserved and adjusted to fit the times. This was done by a lineage of individual Kabbalists who lived in every generation. Today it is presented to us through the compositions of Baal HaSulam in a form that’s ready to use. I am a faithful student of Baal HaSulam’s oldest son, Rabash (as stated in Rabash’s obituary in the newspaper “HaModia” on September 15, 1991) and my role is to help people understand these materials.

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There Are No Creatures On Other Planets

There Are No Creatures On Other PlanetsTwo questions I received on life on other planets:

Question: In this blog entry, in response to the question, “How do you explain the fact that millions of people all over the world have witnessed encounters with aliens?” you wrote, “It’s their imagination! They perceived something they really desired to be true as if it were actually happening.”

Can you apply this to everything in this world, and say that it’s all the illusion of evolution that surrounds zero point?

My Answer: No. Even though what gets “registered” in our five senses is an illusion relative the Upper World, nevertheless it is reality for us now. This is why it is written, “The judge knows no more than what his eyes see.” Until the day we discover aliens so clearly that we won’t have any doubts left about their existence, all this talk of aliens remains science fiction.

Question: What is the purpose of the existence of creatures on other planets?

My Answer: They don’t exist.

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Israel Is All the People Who Aspire Toward the Creator

Israel Is All the People Who Aspire Toward the CreatorA question I received: In this blog entry you say that Israel is “a nation that worships life at a time when it’s surrounded by enemies that worship death.” In fact, it is with such arrogance, insensitivity and crass generalizations, that violence is perpetuated. The way you speak of Israel’s neighbors is shameful. They suffer too, or did you not know that? As Shlomo HaMelech (King Solomon) says, “Sweet words dispel wrath.” Will peace really come from a tongue like yours, Laitman? Dr. Arthur Cohen

My Answer: Dear Dr. Cohen! It’s useless to keep waiting for people to love you! Hasn’t history taught you that people can only hate you? If you really desire peace and love, then disseminate the method of man’s correction – Kabbalah.

When I said “those who worship death,” I meant the terrorists who praise death, regardless of their nationality. I have many Arabic students, and unlike you, they understand me perfectly. Meanwhile, you’re still worried that people will stop loving you.

Israel isn’t a nation, nor the Jews. Rather, it’s all the people who aspire toward the Creator (Isra-El means “straight to the Creator”). I recommend that you study Baal HaSulam’s main articles – then you will understand where the hostility comes from, why people hate you, and how to dispel the antagonism.

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Religion Is a Cultural Tradition, Kabbalah Is the Method of Correction

Religion Is a Cultural Tradition, Whereas Kabbalah Deals With Man's Correction Through Revealing the LightA question I received: I cannot focus on studying The Book of Zohar, even though it is my greatest desire to understand this book. The most prevalent commandment in Christianity is, “Thou shalt not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people; but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am Jehovah” (Leviticus 19:18). Jesus taught that we have to love those who hate us and pray for those who haunt us. Isn’t this also a principle in Kabbalah?

My Answer: Every religion puts itself above other religions and teachings, and this is because all religions emerged from man’s egoism. This is the reason for the hatred between different religions and nations. Even within one religion, there is hatred between its different branches.

The commandment “Thou shalt not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people; but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” is incomplete. Kabbalah teaches us to love not only our own people, but all the people in the world. Looking back at history, we won’t find anyone who loved those who hated and haunted them. On the contrary, history is full of hatred and violence, which are spawned by religion to this day. Religion has always divided and separated different nations from each other, instigating them one against the other and imposing itself on the people by fire and sword.

All religions will die out because they arose from egoism after the destruction of the Temple. This was when the people of Israel fell from the level of “love for one’s neighbor” to the level of “unfounded hatred for one’s neighbor” – and they are still on this level, along with everyone else. Kabbalah is above religion; it appeals to everyone in the world because it teaches that we are all part of the common soul of Adam, without any difference between us. Every person is equally necessary in order for everyone to attain the full correction. If even one person is missing, then it is less than perfect!

Kabbalah appeared in ancient Babylon when the whole civilization was falling apart from the growing egoism. Kabbalah, represented by Abraham, pleaded with people to unite. And now, after our entire bitter history, Kabbalah is telling all of us the same thing again: “Unite, otherwise you’ll destroy yourselves!” And to this day, the religions are still preaching separation – and that is because they were produced by egoism. The religions appeared when the nation of Israel fell from love for one’s neighbor to hatred, from the spiritual level to the corporeal, egoistic one. That is when Judaism appeared, then Christianity, and then Islam.

Baal HaSulam writes that religions will remain as the cultural traditions of the nations. The religions will have to take their proper place and stop engaging in something that is beyond them – the soul and its correction. They don’t have a connection with the Light and the Creator in order to engage in this, and this is what we are witnessing today by the results of religion’s impact on people.

The period of the Light’s concealment from man is over, and hence the period of religious domination over people is also over. The Light is becoming revealed, and religion is becoming substituted by Kabbalah. Religion will then remain as a cultural tradition.

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The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Second Commandment”

The Book of Zohar.The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Second Commandment” (abridged)

198. The second Commandment is inseparably connected with the Commandment of fear, and it is the Commandment of love – for man to love his Creator with absolute (perfect) love. What is perfect love? It is a great love, as it is written, “He walks before the Creator in complete sincerity and perfection.” And this signifies perfection in love. Thus, it is written, “And the Creator said, ‘Let there be Light’” – this is perfect love, called “great love.” This is precisely how man should love his Creator.

200. Therefore, there is he who loves the Creator in order to gain riches, live a long life, have many healthy children, and rule over his enemies – he receives everything he wants, and this is why he loves the Creator. However, should he receive the opposite, should the Creator lead him through a wheel of suffering, he will come to hate the Creator, and will feel no love toward Him whatsoever. Therefore, such (egoistic) love lacks the necessary foundation (for spiritual adhesion).

201. Love is considered perfect if it exists on both sides – on the side of judgment (suffering) and the side of mercy (success in life). As we already mentioned, when one loves the Creator, even if He were to take away his soul, this love would remain perfect on both sides: mercy and judgment.

Therefore, the Light of the First Act of Creation was revealed and then concealed. And because of this concealment, strict judgment appeared in the world, and both sides, mercy and judgment, united to form perfection. And this is the desired love.

202. Rabbi Shimon kissed (united with) him. Rabbi Pinchas approached (his degree), kissed (united with) and blessed him. He said, “It is clear that the Creator has sent me here. This is the tiny ray of Light that was said to be shining in my house, and would later light up the whole world.” Rabbi Elazar said, “Certainly, fear must not be forgotten from all the Commandments; especially in this Commandment, the Commandment of love, fear must be attached to this Commandment at all times. How is it attached? Love is good when it brings goodness, health, sustenance, and life from the Beloved One. And it is here that fear of sinning must be revived, so that the wheel does not turn against him, as it is written, “Happy is the man who always fears,” for his fear is contained in his love.

203. This is how fear should be evoked from the perspective of strict judgment (restriction of egoism), for once man realizes that strict judgment hovers over him, he must evoke within him fear of his Master. Thus, his heart will not be hardened, of which it is written, “He that hardens his heart shall fall into evil,” into the other side (his egoism). This is called evil. Therefore, fear unites with both sides – with goodness and love, as well as with strict judgment, and consists of both. And if fear is united with the good side and love, as well as with the strictness of judgment, such a love is perfect.

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The Creator Is the Root of Everything In Existence

The Creator Is the Root of Everything In ExistenceQuestions I received on the connection between root and branch:

Question: I heard that there is no connection between spirituality and our personalities or physical qualities. On the other hand, there is a notion of root and branch, which says that every thing, object and quality in our world has a connection to its root. There seems to be a contradiction here. Doesn’t this mean that physical properties and personality are set according to spiritual roots?

My Answer: Of course there is a connection, and it’s direct: the root determines the result, such as one’s personality, habits, inclinations, and so on. However, the result does not undergo change because in our world it is impossible for any qualitative changes to occur. The only thing that’s always changing – even if we don’t realize it – is the soul, which strives toward the root and belongs to the Upper World.

Generally speaking, everything revolves around the soul. Because we don’t perceive the soul, we don’t understand the flow of life, since everything taking place has only one purpose – the soul’s correction.

Question: According to the law of root and branch, can a smaller one influence a bigger one, like in the example of the guest and the host?

My Answer: This is exactly what the Creator is waiting for us to do – to take control over the universe and thereby attain Him, become like Him, and reach adhesion with Him. Then there won’t be any difference between Him and us (by “us” I mean the common soul that’s absolutely united into one whole)!

During the process of correction, on the way to the final state (adulthood, Gadlut), we are like children, and all of the Creator’s actions revolve only around us – not us in the physical sense, but only our souls. We have to remember this, and if we wish to understand Him, we have to stop thinking about bodies (that is, about the excess things besides what’s necessary for the body to exist) and start identifying ourselves with the soul. We should perceive the body as temporary, something we were given during the period when we’re not fully corrected yet and are separated from the soul.

Question: Is there a spiritual root of good and evil? If yes, then what is it?

My Answer: The root of everything in existence is the one, unique Creator, the single force that governs everything. However, we perceive this force dually, depending on whether we are with it or against it.

For more on this, read the articles “Thou Hast Hemmed Me in Behind and Before,” “There Is None Else Besides Him,” the letter from page 70, and watch the lessons that I gave on these articles during the 2008 Odessa congress (see the Related Material below).

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Kabbalah in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Last weekend our friends in Mexico held a dissemination event where they gave out the newspaper La Voz de la Cabalá (The Voice of Kabbalah) at a very popular tourist site – the city of Valle de Bravo, 150 km from Mexico City. They disseminated about 1000 newspapers in two hours. For several years now our groups in Latin America have been setting an example in study, unity and dissemination!

Valle De BravoValle De BravoValle De Bravo

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There Are Only 6 Days Left!

Shana TovaThere are only 6 days left until the end of the huge internet dissemination project, Shana Tova (Happy New Year). Our internet department is asking you to help us reach 1,000,000 video clip views. Please view the following ten clips, and wait for each one to finish playing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in Kabbalah dissemination in the world!