Israel Is All the People Who Aspire Toward the Creator

Israel Is All the People Who Aspire Toward the CreatorA question I received: In this blog entry you say that Israel is “a nation that worships life at a time when it’s surrounded by enemies that worship death.” In fact, it is with such arrogance, insensitivity and crass generalizations, that violence is perpetuated. The way you speak of Israel’s neighbors is shameful. They suffer too, or did you not know that? As Shlomo HaMelech (King Solomon) says, “Sweet words dispel wrath.” Will peace really come from a tongue like yours, Laitman? Dr. Arthur Cohen

My Answer: Dear Dr. Cohen! It’s useless to keep waiting for people to love you! Hasn’t history taught you that people can only hate you? If you really desire peace and love, then disseminate the method of man’s correction – Kabbalah.

When I said “those who worship death,” I meant the terrorists who praise death, regardless of their nationality. I have many Arabic students, and unlike you, they understand me perfectly. Meanwhile, you’re still worried that people will stop loving you.

Israel isn’t a nation, nor the Jews. Rather, it’s all the people who aspire toward the Creator (Isra-El means “straight to the Creator”). I recommend that you study Baal HaSulam’s main articles – then you will understand where the hostility comes from, why people hate you, and how to dispel the antagonism.

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  1. So an Arab is Israel if he aspires towards the Creator?

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