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Reaching Personal Gmar Tikkun Depends Only On One’s Efforts

Reaching Personal Gmar Tikkun Depends Only on One's EffortsTwo questions I received on reaching Gmar Tikkun (the full correction):

Question: I have been studying Kabbalah for five months. I came across it by accidentally seeing your video on You Tube, and I haven’t been able to live without your lessons and Kabbalah books ever since. One day a very clear thought came to me, that I don’t have enough time to ascend to Gmar Tikkun, and this thought just won’t let me be. What does this mean?

My Answer: The Creator is helping you more than usual by awakening a desire for Him through fear of not being able to reach Him. Be grateful, because all thoughts come from Him – and keep trying.

Question: Can it be said that those who now study authentic kabbalah were on an unfulfilled spiritual path in a previous incarnation, and they are back in this world to “finish” the deal? If so, is there guarantee that they will reach a personal Gmar Tikkun this time around?

My Answer: This depends only on one’s efforts.

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How Can Religion Come Out of the Crisis It’s In?

How Can Religion Come Out of the Crisis It's In?A question I received: You said that religion did us a service by showing us how to coexist with each other, and that human egoism became tolerable thanks to religion. Now let’s imagine that religion never existed. Egoism would have torn human society apart, and because of the great suffering we would have reached our logical conclusion much faster – study of Kabbalah and attainment of the goal of creation. Doesn’t this mean that religion is not just harmful, but very much so?

My Answer: The role of religion in man’s (the soul’s) development will become clear only after we attain the Governing Force. In the meantime we have to learn from reality: This is how our world develops, first going through the primitive beliefs, then faith in religions, then faith in science, and finally – the science of Kabbalah. This is when you gain the possibility of opening up your eyes with the help of a new quality and seeing the universe for what it really is.

Kabbalists compare the state before this to sleeping or being unconscious. So while you still don’t have the ability to perceive the true world – while you’re asleep, you should just accept what you feel, and keep advancing. Then the Light of Kabbalah study will “awaken” you.

I accept everything taking place in the world as things that are given to me for my development. I form an opinion about everything that happens only from this perspective. In our time religion must transform and give way to Kabbalah. It should only lay a claim to the cultural content of people’s lives, without any claim to the soul, the world to come and so on, since it doesn’t really know anything about these things. Its task is to give psychological support to weak people, like a psychologist or therapist, but no more than that. Then religion will be able to get out of the crisis it’s in, stop using threats and force to influence people, and earn people’s respect.

The relationships between man and God are explained in Kabbalah by revealing the Creator to man. I consider myself religious because this is the “religion” I follow, rather than the distorted and mechanical one that demands submissive and pointless observance (Musar).

When Baal HaSulam says religion, he means only Kabbalah, while referring to all the rest as culture, tradition, or ethics (Musar). Here’s an excerpt from the article “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose“:

“Many are mistaken and compare our holy Torah to ethics (Musar). But that has come to them because they have never tasted religion in their lives. I call upon them: ‘Taste and see (receive the Upper Light into your soul and reveal) that the Lord is good.’

It is true that both ethics and religion aim at one thing – to raise man above the filth of the narrow self-love and bring him to the heights of love of others. But still they are as remote one from the other as the distance between the Thought of the Creator from the thought of people. For religion extends from the Thoughts of the Creator, and ethics comes from thoughts of flesh and blood and from the experiences of their lives.”

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In the News: The Biggest Physics Experiment to Date, a Black Hole, and the End of the World

In the News: The Biggest Physics Experiment to Date, a Black Hole, and the End of the WorldA news report (translated from On Wednesday, September 10th, on the border of Switzerland and France, scientists will hold the largest physics experiment in history. They will circulate a proton beam with an energy of 450 Gigavolts through the entire length of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC – the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator), which has a 27 Kilometer long acceleration tunnel.

The objective of the experiment is to recreate the conditions of less than a millionth of a second after the Big Bang. But what are the possible outcomes of colliding protons at such high energy? It’s possible that a steady black hole will emerge, and the world will be annihilated inside it.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the end of the world is scheduled to take place on September 10th!

My Comment: Could it be that even scientists are now joining the ranks of everyone else who is predicting the end of the world? The end of the world (of this world) will happen only after the full correction of all the souls. The date depends on us, our correction:

  1. We can accelerate it by attracting the Light of Correction (Ohr Makif), and then it will happen prior to 6,000 years (today we are in the year 5,768).
  2. Or we can do it through the path of suffering, but no later than September 2,240 – 6,000 years after the first time that a man, Adam, revealed the Creator.

Our world (the universe) is under the full and absolute governance of a higher world, the World of Atzilut, which is programmed to bring about the general correction of all the souls of all the people who exist in our world. Our world is but a result of the Upper Governance.

We can influence the World of Atzilut only with our desire (MAN) to ascend to it with our corrected souls (desires of bestowal and love). Each and every one of us has access to the means of controlling our destiny – Kabbalah.

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The Machsom Is the Same Everywhere – Even In Japan

The Machsom Is the Same Everywhere - Even In JapanA question I received: I live in Japan and I have been studying Kabbalah with you for three and a half years, together with my husband. I study in the mornings and in my spare time. Actually I study for 12 hours a day, and I just breathe Kabbalah all day long. Day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year, my inner reality is becoming clearer, more in focus, as if the essence of what I learn comes to me and blends with the properties of my vessels through the attainment of the states that change within me. There’s no doubt that studying with you has changed my entire existence, and obviously, just like others, I have a passionate desire to cross the Machsom. Do I have a chance of crossing the Machsom despite being so far away and having limited abilities to participate in dissemination due to the distance?

My Answer: Add dissemination to your studies. I know Japan and I think it has great opportunities for dissemination. Take part in the development of our Japanese site and its promotion on the Japanese Internet. A person receives spirituality inside the space he freed up by bestowing to others.

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