In the News: The Biggest Physics Experiment to Date, a Black Hole, and the End of the World

In the News: The Biggest Physics Experiment to Date, a Black Hole, and the End of the WorldA news report (translated from On Wednesday, September 10th, on the border of Switzerland and France, scientists will hold the largest physics experiment in history. They will circulate a proton beam with an energy of 450 Gigavolts through the entire length of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC – the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator), which has a 27 Kilometer long acceleration tunnel.

The objective of the experiment is to recreate the conditions of less than a millionth of a second after the Big Bang. But what are the possible outcomes of colliding protons at such high energy? It’s possible that a steady black hole will emerge, and the world will be annihilated inside it.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the end of the world is scheduled to take place on September 10th!

My Comment: Could it be that even scientists are now joining the ranks of everyone else who is predicting the end of the world? The end of the world (of this world) will happen only after the full correction of all the souls. The date depends on us, our correction:

  1. We can accelerate it by attracting the Light of Correction (Ohr Makif), and then it will happen prior to 6,000 years (today we are in the year 5,768).
  2. Or we can do it through the path of suffering, but no later than September 2,240 – 6,000 years after the first time that a man, Adam, revealed the Creator.

Our world (the universe) is under the full and absolute governance of a higher world, the World of Atzilut, which is programmed to bring about the general correction of all the souls of all the people who exist in our world. Our world is but a result of the Upper Governance.

We can influence the World of Atzilut only with our desire (MAN) to ascend to it with our corrected souls (desires of bestowal and love). Each and every one of us has access to the means of controlling our destiny – Kabbalah.

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