Polygamy Is the Key to a Long Life – So Says New Research

Polygamy Is the Key to a Long Life - So Says New ResearchNews Report (from NewScientist and newsru.com): New research shows that polygamists live on average seven years longer. Ecologist Virpi Lummaa and colleague Andy Russell (University of Sheffield, UK) analyzed longevity data on 189 countries from the World Health Organization, taking into account a country’s gross domestic product and average income to minimize the effect of better nutrition and healthcare in monogamous Western nations. They found that men from countries that practice polygamy live much longer than in monogamous nations – 12% longer.

But women also live long, even longer than men! According to Cedrik Puleston, a demographer of Stanford University, there are two hypotheses seeking to explain male and female longevity. Women live longer because they become grandmothers and have to take care of their grandchildren. Menopause “frees” them, enabling them to start educating children. Men, on the other hand, live long because they marry younger women and are influenced by female longevity.

My Comment: Why do people live long? The human being is a unique creature in the animal kingdom, because he continues to live long beyond reproductive age. Human longevity is unnatural – people shouldn’t live past 45-50 years. In women, climax and menopause is a transitional period from sexual maturity to the elderly period, and just like with men, it means that there is no reason for people to keep on living – other than to attain their higher purpose!

The fact is that people have to develop their egoism, in order to then understand that it is evil and evoke the force of correction by studying in a group. They have to cross the Machsom and overcome the 125 degrees until the full correction. This takes many years of serious effort, and this is why in our era – the era of correction, Nature (the Creator) has made human lifespan as long as necessary for people to complete their higher mission during their lives!

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What’s the Right Attitude to Have to This World?

What's the Right Attitude to Have to This World?Three questions I received on the daily, mundane reality of a Kabbalist:

Question: What’s the right attitude to have to my actions in this world, considering the fact that I don’t have any freedom of will? Should I stop trying to control all the things that don’t really matter, or the opposite – strive for perfection at every moment?

My Answer: Neither of the above. You should be in the Upper One, in the system of Adam, with your entire mind and heart. But in our world, you should function as a robot, “like everyone else”.

Question: What should be our response to people who want to take advantage of us? If we desire to be altruistic, not to be egoistic, and to help others, and if I think that I have this desire, then when I encounter those kinds of people, what’s the right way to deal with them?

My Answer: You should treat them the same way any regular person would – “politely/egoistically.”

Question: What helps a Kabbalist stay connected with the theater of the world of robots, after he rises above the common perception of reality? What helps a Kabbalist remain in the mainstream of life? Which values, that can be understood by regular people, remain “valid” in spirituality? What motivates a Kabbalist to live in the body, in the state of “Hafets Hesed?” How does a Kabbalist keep connected to a group of students? Does he depend only on the natural development of the worlds, or are there special methods of “spiritual descent?”

My Answer: I don’t understand why you’re concerned with any of this, but there’s just one brief answer to all your questions – “love for one’s neighbor.”

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How to Keep Effective Virtual Connections

How to Keep Effective Virtual ConnectionsTwo questions I received on the connections within the virtual group:

Question: By participating in the virtual lessons, we are creating a united Internet group that isn’t located physically in one place, but is connected only in the dimension of time, on-line. This is a group of like-minded people or friends. Do I become a part of the group if I listen to the lessons later, not at 3AM Israel time?

My Answer: To be part of the group is not just to listen to the lessons at the same time, but to be connected with all the virtual friends, who are united by a common desire and goal to attain the Creator, as well as the means of attaining this goal – the original source texts (The Book of Zohar, and the compositions of the Ari and Baal HaSulam with my commentaries). In addition, they agree to observe the Mutual Guarantee (see the article “The Arvut“), abide by the “Charter of the Virtual Group,” participate in dissemination, pay Maaser (tithe) for dissemination, and attend a Congress at least once a year.

Question: Can women sing and dance during a Congress?

My Answer: Yes, if they do it separately from the men, so the men won’t get distracted from high thoughts and unity of friends.

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