How to Keep Effective Virtual Connections

How to Keep Effective Virtual ConnectionsTwo questions I received on the connections within the virtual group:

Question: By participating in the virtual lessons, we are creating a united Internet group that isn’t located physically in one place, but is connected only in the dimension of time, on-line. This is a group of like-minded people or friends. Do I become a part of the group if I listen to the lessons later, not at 3AM Israel time?

My Answer: To be part of the group is not just to listen to the lessons at the same time, but to be connected with all the virtual friends, who are united by a common desire and goal to attain the Creator, as well as the means of attaining this goal – the original source texts (The Book of Zohar, and the compositions of the Ari and Baal HaSulam with my commentaries). In addition, they agree to observe the Mutual Guarantee (see the article “The Arvut“), abide by the “Charter of the Virtual Group,” participate in dissemination, pay Maaser (tithe) for dissemination, and attend a Congress at least once a year.

Question: Can women sing and dance during a Congress?

My Answer: Yes, if they do it separately from the men, so the men won’t get distracted from high thoughts and unity of friends.

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