What’s the Right Attitude to Have to This World?

What's the Right Attitude to Have to This World?Three questions I received on the daily, mundane reality of a Kabbalist:

Question: What’s the right attitude to have to my actions in this world, considering the fact that I don’t have any freedom of will? Should I stop trying to control all the things that don’t really matter, or the opposite – strive for perfection at every moment?

My Answer: Neither of the above. You should be in the Upper One, in the system of Adam, with your entire mind and heart. But in our world, you should function as a robot, “like everyone else”.

Question: What should be our response to people who want to take advantage of us? If we desire to be altruistic, not to be egoistic, and to help others, and if I think that I have this desire, then when I encounter those kinds of people, what’s the right way to deal with them?

My Answer: You should treat them the same way any regular person would – “politely/egoistically.”

Question: What helps a Kabbalist stay connected with the theater of the world of robots, after he rises above the common perception of reality? What helps a Kabbalist remain in the mainstream of life? Which values, that can be understood by regular people, remain “valid” in spirituality? What motivates a Kabbalist to live in the body, in the state of “Hafets Hesed?” How does a Kabbalist keep connected to a group of students? Does he depend only on the natural development of the worlds, or are there special methods of “spiritual descent?”

My Answer: I don’t understand why you’re concerned with any of this, but there’s just one brief answer to all your questions – “love for one’s neighbor.”

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