Now You Can Share Perceptions Through the Internet

Now You Can Share Perceptions Over the InternetNews Report (translated from membrana): Valeria Fuso, a young Italian designer, has created an “Experience Recorder” – a device that will enable people to exchange their experiences online. The “glove of perceptions” is equipped with movement and temperature sensors, photo and video cameras, and an audio recorder. The device can work in automatic regime, capturing every moment of the user’s life. The novelty device also has an option of immediate and independent access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The data received over a period of time is transmitted into the user’s blog.

My Comment: Other new technology that’s being rapidly developed is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), where everything is done through voice, including commands, communication, and so on. It is very convenient to use it while moving around, for example in telephones.

All human communication will soon come down to a virtual connection. The external attributes are fading away, and people’s “inner content” and connection with the environment are becoming more important. This will be followed by a need for a spiritual connection – a connection between man and the Creator. This also determines where our priorities are going with regard to the dissemination of Kabbalah in the world.

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  1. Rav. Laitman,

    I wish to pose a question in regard to technology and the construction of the third temple. Have you considered that the third temple could be considered the structure of the system in which the virtual connection could potentially provide a nullififying experience? Given the fractal technological benefits that endeavors such as the LHC provide, it is not difficult to recognize the wisdom of Kabbalah’s importance to our generation.


    Rav, you mentioned about the new Voip technology and other emerging technological ways we can be together as a whole. It is wonderful!  because then this will free up our time to travel long distances i.e. long flights, even across one side of the city to another.  However, will this supersede the physical ways we meet, for instance, the congresses, etc. and also another question:  Of course we cannot physical meet everyone who studies Kabbalah (although I would) can we sustain spirituality only through the Internet for now?  Later, of course something more evolved.

    I see the way you answer your questions and comments that you have 100% certainty that one day we will be all virtually connected.

    my best wishes,

  3. Dear Rav,
    All the technology past and present have eccollogical effects on the planet.  Take for instance the dwindling population of bees.  Now they think it is because of the cell phones and everything else interfering with their natural sence to go back to the hive.  They perhaps are dissoriented due to the interferences around them.

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