Does Charity Really Help Anyone?

Does Charity Really Help Anyone?A question I received: I hear a lot of talk in the mass media about large scale charity projects aiming to help terminally ill children. There are entire sites being created just to help one person who’s dying from a rare disease. I also see that there’s a big response to this from society. Meanwhile there are hundreds of people dying every day from hunger and AIDS in Africa, but this does not bother anyone at all. I’d say that this is one big imbalance.

Is there any way we can make the world understand that all the “charity” only slows down the general development and creates an illusion that we are acting altruistically?

My Answer: We can only explain the positive things that Kabbalah gives to the world and what it adds to people’s lives. However, we can’t criticize any actions people make, especially “charitable” actions, because then we will only evoke their hatred and greater misunderstanding. People will see for themselves that charity doesn’t really help and that temporary relief is misleading and only causes bigger problems later on.

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  1. you make an excellent point – I think the ‘charity’ movement has reached an epidemic proportion whereby people are almost expected to donate funds when a heart-string tugging cause is uttered…

    The pathetic part about this is when you analyse the financials of such outfits – the leaders are earning 2 or $300k in compensation… yeah right – they are so altruistic!

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