The Summit Which Will Not Yield Without Preparation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have been organizing conventions for over ten years. The first convention that was held in Israel was initiated by the Moscow group and since then the tradition developed when friends from different countries come together. So, we are more familiar with our brothers who live around the world.

However, so far, we have not used these conventions in the form that should be revealed in the end. A convention is a general gathering, the place of the revelation of the general desire, the collective intention and the interaction (Zivug) with the upper Light to which we are drawn.

We must consider the next convention in St. Petersburg as new, the first of its kind. Its feature is full-fledged preparation. We are not going to a festival, not on a holiday with an easy and enjoyable program. Of course, I am not against “lightness,” but I am against frivolity.

We must prepare for this event extremely seriously. This does not mean that you should walk with grim faces. On the contrary, we all need to be in great spirits but at the same time together feeling that we are just about to gather the forces needed for that general special power by means of which we will be able to realize unity with the upper Light to the extent of our similarity with it, even minimally.

We want to generate at least a bit of bestowal from our part, which the upper Light will be able to correct by giving it the correct form. Then, after the correcting light of AB-SAG, the filling light will be revealed, and we will know the Creator, and all this is in order to bring Him contentment.

The main thing we need to build in ourselves is confidence. It all depends on the preparation, and the result of the preparation and during the action itself, so to speak, there is nothing to do. Figuratively speaking, you have for dinner what you have prepared. It is said, “He who did not labor on the eve of the Sabbath, from whence shall he eat on the Sabbath day?” That is why the main work is carried out not at the convention but before it.

Eighteen days are left before the convention in St. Petersburg. It promises to bring a record number of participants. In addition, it follows right after the convention in Krasnoyarsk, and never before have we had such a dramatic difference between the properties of vessels that are revealed by these two meetings.

In short, we have precise work. We must do the same thing as in Krasnoyarsk but in different internal and external conditions in another layer of the general desire. The difference is clear to us and we understand that we need to neutralize it. If we manage to create the same atmosphere in St. Petersburg, the same unity, the same transparency, as in Krasnoyarsk, we will be awarded a great revelation.

However, I repeat: Preparatory work from every individual and all together is required. If we had a device that measured the level of preparation, I would have put it at the entrance to the convention hall and would allow inside only those who meet the requirements and would send the others home. Everyone should understand that if he does not participate correctly in a common effort, he causes harm that comes back to him to the extent that he prevents everyone else.

This is a very harsh law. So first of all, we must thoroughly check all the participants as to whether they are prepared for the convention.

Besides that, from this day forward, we constantly need to discuss the upcoming meeting, to prepare and distribute materials to create a general online territory where everyone will be able to ask questions in various languages. We will translate these questions and answer them. We need a committee to deal with all the concerns in the framework of the spiritual preparation for the convention. The groups of St. Petersburg and Moscow take care of the physical and organizational preparation, sparing no effort, and that is why we need to help them in other areas.
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/23/13

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