To The Congress With A Brick In A Suitcase

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that great expectations for the conventions are not to be confused with the preparation for it. What is the difference between preparation and expectation?

Answer: Expectation means that I am sitting and waiting idly dreaming that the conventions will happen soon. It will be nice there, I will see my friends, we will dance and sing. I will visit a beautiful city where I have never been, etc. That is all expectations, dreams. I do not really invest my efforts in their realization, but just wait when the good time comes.

Preparation is when I understand that I have nothing to hope for, nothing to expect because there will be only what I prepare. Sabbath comes at the end of the week when all the work stops and as much you have prepared for this day, that much you will have. People save the most delicious things for Sabbath, they buy and save it especially for the Sabbath.

These are external symbols that indicate internal actions. We ourselves make a convention. At the convention, we want to reveal unity, connection, mutual guarantee, the intention of mutual bestowal that will connect all these forces together and tie us by a collective network in which we will begin to feel the general integral force. We will call it the upper force because it will be higher than us, but we build it ourselves.

The Creator (Bo-reh) means “come and see.” If we come, we will see! Now, in fact, we are building the convention. Otherwise, we will just have a festival in the material world and no more.

Every time, we approach a more internal state. We have little concern where this happens and how beautiful the place is; we increasingly concentrate internally on the inner content.

The main thing is not even the lessons. Of course when we listen to them together and get impressed we unite in one thought in one desire. This is necessary but the most important thing is to constantly prepare ourselves for the state that we have to create. Coming to the convention everyone has to bring his “brick” from which we will build a common vessel.

This brick has to be obtained in advance and be ready for connection. I already now aspire to this connection and imagine it.
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/26/13

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