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If Enemies Surround Me – My Heart Will Not Fear!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf enemies surround me – my heart will not fear!

If they raise a war against me – I rely on the Creator!
(From a Shabbat song)

The main thing is to see that this war is between the two parts of the universe. On one side, there is the entire human ego, the egoism in me. On the other side, there is a group, a society, through which I receive help from the Creator.

If the force of evil is awakened in me: It deprives me of strength, confuses and misleads me; my point in the heart feels that the war is inflamed with my evil. Then, I quickly run for help to the group and to the Creator that is concealed within it, the force of bestowal, and thus become armed against evil, and I rise in war against my egoism.

Shamati, Article 42: Reception of the Kingdom of Heaven must be unconditional surrender.

However, when one says that he is willing to take upon himself the work on condition that there will be a shape of white, meaning that the day will shine for him, and he does not agree if the work appears to him in a black form, this person has no place in the King’s Hall. This is because those who wish to work in order to bestow are admitted into the King’s Hall, and when one works in order to bestow, he does not mind what he feels during the work.

Rather, even in a state where one sees a shape of black, one is not impressed by it, but he only wants the Creator to give him strength to be able to overcome all the obstacles. It means that one does not ask of the Creator to give him a shape of white, but to give him the strength to overcome all the concealments.

If Enemies Surround Me

First, my own evil is awakened, “help against me” (1). Then I have no other choice but to turn to the group within which the force of the Light, the force of the Creator (2) is hidden. Due to this, I correct my evil (3) and transform black darkness into the white Light.

It all depends on the person. Actually, there is neither black nor white—a person turns black into white and white into black.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/13

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Beware Of Merchants Of Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: All those attributes: mercy, charity, and peace emerged and were born from the weakness of truth. This is what caused society to divide into sects. …In simpler words, we can divide the two sects into “constructors” and “destructors.” Constructors are those who want construction, the benefit of the collective, for which they are often willing to give of their own possessions to others.

But those who are naturally prone to destruction and profligacy were more comfortable clinging to the attribute of truth, meaning, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours,” for their own gain, and would never want to give up anything of their own to others without taking into consideration jeopardizing the well-being of the collective, for as by nature they are destructors.

We are not able to “live in truth,” meaning to be guided by the category of truth. As for destroyers, they just talk about it, using its name and appearance to their advantage.

In fact, the truth is that everyone is equal in relative terms. But for this, it’s necessary to estimate correctly everyone’s nature and efforts to be able to compare in every concrete state. We are incapable of such an analysis.

Only at the final correction, when we are all interconnected and provide each other in a unified integral analog system, will everyone be able to act towards others according to the category of truth. And until then, even a moment before unity, it’s not the truth because I cannot contribute every moment, providing everyone with as much as needed, according to their deeds, their preparedness, and their needs.

The truth is a complete whole picture. Therefore, we are given preliminary categories to form it: mercy, justice, and peace. We start from a simple egoistic impurity, from the principle “yours is mine, and mine is mine.” Then we move on to the attribute of Sodom, “mine is mine, yours is yours.” This is already a certain progress.

But in spirituality, impurity turns into the opposite: “mine is yours, and yours is yours.”

In addition, there is another option: “yours is mine, and mine is yours.”

How do we use mercy, justice, and peace to correct and eventually reach the “final destination” of truth? And in general, in what way are the preliminary attributes less than that unique constant category of truth?

Truth is called a failsafe state of a corrected system in which we are all interconnected and fulfill each other’s desires. In other words, my desire works for everyone to the extent of my ability and responsibility to provide for the entire system. Similarly, everyone else works in the same way, being in the state of final correction, like the organs of a healthy body. This is what the truth is: Every part feels the desire of any other part and the collective desire of everyone as his own. No one has any problems with “giving himself away” and providing them with everything they need.

Such an approach would be a burden for me because it is opposed to my desire. I would have to keep in mind seven billion concerns and calculations for every person on Earth. Is this possible?

On the other hand, if I am in one system together with everyone, and they become my desire, then everything becomes easy and simple because now we take care of each other naturally, just like I don’t think about my body when it is healthy and functions properly. With a universal interconnection, everyone fulfills everyone according to the attribute of truth. Thus, it’s revealed only as a result of correction.

Still how does everything function on the preliminary stages? For example, what are the measures of connection between us called “justice,” “mercy,” and “peace”? What kind of relationship is this? What is its power? On what conditions does it work?

We are talking about the system with defects, not yet complete, “lame” to the extent that we cannot be limited by one of the preliminary categories and are forced to use all three. What are the drawbacks of these methods of social control? Each has something corrected; however, everyone needs support, help from the other two. And again, when all three are in harmony with each other, what do they lack in order to reach the truth?

Comment: We might need an incentive, a motive to advance toward the truth.

Answer: In principle, yes. For example, justice that is being revealed brings me some contentment, and at the same time a desire, a need. This need is addressed to mercy and peace that I need. When I include them, then I have a need for truth. But until then, I can hardly imagine what a perfect system is.

Comment: We often tend to take the “truth” from liars…

Answer: Indeed, when unrest starts in a country, some “champion of truth,” speaking from the barricades, promise to fulfill people’s aspirations and to take care of all of their needs. His words lie but not because in his heart he is not going to realize his promises. Simply, these promises initially show a lack of knowledge of the nature of things, of understanding the fact that no one can feel the desires of others. Thus, based on their bitter experience, people are already aware that they are deceived by unrealistic promises.

It’s impossible in our world truly, according to truth, to evaluate everyone and give him what he needs. Neither individuals, nor organizations are able to do that, and if people demand something like that, then they do not understand what they want. As for those who promise, these people are highly ambitious. He who wants power is usually a great egoist, able to use the good name of truth to his advantage.

That is why we must build connection in human society according to the categories of justice, mercy, and peace. Only then can we approach the attribute of truth. It makes no sense to appeal to it now. Initially, aspiring for correction, we understand by the heart and mind that it will not be complete in the process. We need to realize this because our sensation affects the general system.

Nonetheless, this knowledge is important today when the whole world has entered the process of correction. It’s necessary to explain to people that the ideal of truth will not be achieved at once; it can be realized only when we are united, naturally interconnected. Only then will everyone provide for others without hesitation, without any special calculations. If we completely neutralize our egoistic desire and become connected by absolute love, then between us, from one to another without any restrictions, everything that is needed flows. I am open for others and do not criticize them at all. Let them take whatever they want. Then the category of truth is realized.

But until then everyone should be prepared for certain limitations, for certain sacrifices. This is normal and quite possible. Here, we need the preliminary categories that allow us to correct ourselves. We will not be able to understand and realize the attribute of truth. In essence, these categories are much more complex, complicated, and sophisticated than the truth because they are intended to help us just on the first stages of correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Where Does The Real Me Begin?

Dr. Michael LaitmanMy thoughts and my desires are actually not mine. Where does the real me begin? It is in the group that enables you to develop and nurture your desire seriously in a focused, practical manner. Here, I have the tools, the means that allow me to process and change the matter of my desire. By working on the desire with the help of my friends, I fulfill my only free choice.

However, if I don’t want that, there will be new troubles and afflictions, and eventually I will want it.

Question: Does that mean that I suffer until I give in?

Answer: Giving in is not the problem. The point is that I begin to understand that I should change my desire so that it will be like the Creator’s and that it is worthwhile. I am attracted to the same values and the right goal, and begin to enjoy it.

Then, there is a new phase, “That it is a pity that I do it trying to avoid the sufferings and to enjoy the Creator’s delight. I want to bestow totally, to love to the fullest, although I feel no response from the Creator.”

This is the spiritual path along which I change the egoistic values and discover, time after time, the limits of my freedom, my true level. As it is written, “You are called Adam [human], and not the nations of the world.” “You” refers to those who yearn to reach the Creator, which means to make their desire like His. Then, they are called Israel, which means Yashar El (straight to the Creator).

However, if I don’t want to resemble Him, I remain on the animal level in which all the changes, including the scientific technological progress, all are derived from Him and cannot be changed. Here, I am not independent. A person becomes independent when he becomes similar to the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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“More Join Spanish Army In Times Of Crisis”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the news (from Expatica): “The number of applicants for the Spanish army rose almost 82 percent last year compared to 2007 as a result of job cuts during the economic crisis, Spanish daily El Pais reported on Tuesday.

“The army received 78,575 applications in 2008 compared to 43,036 in 2007, making for an average of 3.42 applicants per vacancy compared to 1.73 applicants one year previously, El Pais cited official figures as showing.

“Spain abolished compulsory military service in 2001 and currently has 81,607 people in the armed forces.”

My Comment: Undoubtedly, these young people would be happy to be included in the system of integral education, becoming then the teachers and instructors for the rest. And what about the millions of others—the unemployed and sinking …?

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Making A “Heavenly Firmament” Above Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery level summarizes and incorporates everything that takes place within it. We constantly are learning from ourselves about the states and characteristics through which we pass, which gradually accumulate, and after this, like a gauge, reach a stage where zero becomes one, and after that, again reach a stage where one becomes two, and so on. That is also how it is with us.

However, when the number one or two appears in me, it appears as a negative sum of all the previous negative discoveries above which I can rise, and I now rise above all of them together, and the first positive level is created for me.

Therefore, we must understand that the Creator is never revealed to us in a good way. He forces us to change, and then we feel Him, which is to say, our own corrected states will be felt by us as characteristics of the Creator.

Therefore, we don’t need to look somewhere else, rather only within us, clarifying where the characteristics are that are operating against connection that were created as a result of the shattering of the collective soul. We discover them and rise above them all the time. That is how we advance. This is to say, love covers over all unintentional mistakes and all crimes, and we advance according to this principle.

Now, when we are found in a good atmosphere like this, lacking mutual concern, first and foremost, we must make a “heavenly firmament” above us, such an environment, such a dome, that will hold all of us in constant awareness that we need to discover within us the opposition to connection and surmount it all the time.

If this doesn’t appear in us, this is a sign that we don’t yearn for connection, but when we truly yearn for it we immediately feel the opposition. This is because in spirituality there is no stopping. Immediately, all kinds of disturbances will be added to us as stages of advancement.

Many of the source texts talk about how the Kabbalists felt mutual hatred for each other. In The Book of Zohar it is said that the students of Rabbi Shimon felt such a mutual hatred that they were ready to burn each other to ashes, a fire of hatred burned among them.

Apparently, they had nothing about which to dispute. All of them were poor and lived in a small cave. About what did they feel hatred? It was because they wanted to get close to each other to correct their nature and discover with this the characteristic of bestowal and love, the Creator.

Therefore, the great power of the environment, the group, a constant reminder that if the group works correctly, then all the oppositions that appear among us are our only means for spiritual ascent.

From bricks like these, the corrected characteristics, the soul is built. The characteristics of rejection are the shattered parts of the temple of the soul. By connecting them, we rebuild this Kli, vessel, our collective soul.

We make an effort to connect and eventually discover the evil in each of us: We don’t want to connect. Along with this, we need to feel the pressure of the group so that we won’t flee from the hostility and hatred that appears in us about some of the friends or all of them. Under pressure from the group we begin to yearn for connection in opposition to the force of separation. Therefore, the pressure of the group must be strong.

Through yearning for connection, we begin to understand that, not only do we require the pressure of the group here, but also a higher power, the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif), and so three compulsory components appear: ourselves, the group, and the Surrounding Light. Through them, this problem is solved and we connect.

The next time, it is the same thing. That is, the conditions for connection transform into a start. So, after connecting, again we need to search for an even greater reason to connect, and again, we get rejection and descend, over which we rise again, and go forward. We all are going through a process like this.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day One” 7/12/13, Lesson 2

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When Your Ups And Downs End

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said, “May every day be as new for you,” meaning every time, every moment, which apparently does not differ from the previous ones. During a descent, we do not feel any renewal. It seems to us that we have been through all these states and have accumulated experience.

Descents are followed by ascents, which also seem to be no different from each other. We rise and fall, rise and fall, but for the time being do not feel the difference between repeating steps. It’s left only to believe that changes take place and each time new states and new desires are opened for us in which we feel no special qualities, just emptiness.

And this is really depressing, it seems that once again it is a descent that makes us unhappy and uninspired. And that is not good because we do not bless “for the bad as for the good!”

Then comes an ascent and some new sensations appear, but they are replaced by a descent again. It’s still difficult for us to view these endless ascents and descents as a natural gradual process that leads us to the end of correction.

Our attitude will remain wrong until we attain the property of bestowal. Now, this attitude is egoistic and we see no benefit in descents and even in ascents because after them we will fall again and lose all that we have achieved. Ascents are replaced by descents and there is no end in sight.

A person gradually gets used to this, as to all the other pleasures of this world and sees that there is nothing special in this. Well, he had enjoyment for some time, one evening, a few hours, or even a week or two, but then it was over anyway! This is why he is not eager to return to this state because he becomes experienced, “smart,” and looks at this more pragmatically.

But this is because he has not received the property of bestowal. Any pleasures felt in the desire to enjoy inevitably fade away. And thus a person gets used to them, gradually becomes disillusioned, ages and dies because there is nothing left that brings pleasure.

Spiritual work is quite the opposite; it raises us above descents and ascents. We acquire the property of bestowal, and if by our ascents and descents we are able right now to bring pleasure to the Creator, then every ascent and descent becomes very valuable for us. We are happy that we are in them, and it does not matter what the state is if by it we can delight the Creator.

So, the main thing is to acquire the property of bestowal above all ascents and descents. They will not end until we realize it entirely! This will mean that we have completed our correction. That is, the ascents and descents are not important themselves, but how we attain the property of bestowal above them.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/25/13

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Eternal Strife?

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: If the above practical difficulties, which disturb us helpless people on our way, are not enough, we have in addition a further mix-up and great battle of the psychological predispositions, meaning the attributes themselves within each and everyone of us individually, which are unique and contradictory to one another. …

Thus you see how our attributes collide and fight one another, and not only between sects, but within each person, the four attributes dominate him all at once or one at a time and fight within him until it is impossible for common sense to organize them and bring them to complete consent.

Despite all the efforts, strife will reign on the Earth. We will never achieve peace and balance. You cannot distinguish what properties dominate in the global world. Everyone is included in everyone else and as a result, we have no hope for perfection and harmony.

Over time we will understand, feel, and “taste,” the categories of peace, mercy, justice, and truth. Then we will be able to carry out scientific research and recognize what categories and how exactly they are emphasized in countries and societies with different mentalities, with different approaches to life and religion, with different histories, including the history of inter-communal and international relations. After all, due to the prevalence of some properties over others, nations and civilizations today are in incorrect relationships. As a consequence, we have no chance to establish a good life either in individual societies or between them.

Just looking into the essence of things by means of comprehensive studies we will understand the process of development, and grasp how to combine the four main categories so that on the basis of their interaction, they will help bring the human being, society, and the whole world to the realization of evil, meaning to understand the cause of all failures. And only then will the world have the opportunity to be healed.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Learning To Overcome Pride

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we work with the pride that was revealed after the convention?

Answer: After the convention there was indeed a revelation of pride especially in Europe. Every part of the world has its typical problems and weaknesses and Europe and Russia are different in that sense.

What is pride? In regard to whom and to what? A person has to clarify this by himself:

  • I feel pride because I understand and know everything, for having attained something and now I am great and have everything. This will pass and disappear by itself in a couple of days.
  • I feel pride because I am several levels above everyone else, and they are unhappy, struggling with their small crises, while I am above them, I understand everything and don’t really care about anything as I look upon them from above. This is wrong.

If we speak about connection and about the fact that we have to correct the shattering between us, then eventually we have to worry about everyone as about our own children. I don’t think that you would relate to people like that if you felt that they were your children, but this is exactly how we should relate to them.

Actually, I see no reason why you should be proud. What is so special about you? What have you attained by yourselves? Nothing.

You were in a group, you were brought, pushed, and different actions were performed on you. You participated passively without understanding the essence of why and where this should lead to. You didn’t even aim at the current state and didn’t know what it is like. This means that your actions were not focused and so it turns out that you were lucky. So what are you proud of?

I can tell you from my own experience that the higher a person ascends, the more he advances, and the closer he is to the Creator, the more humble and low he feels. It is because he sees the action of the infinite Light that arranges everything at any given moment that builds and revives everything.

Keep on working and the feeling of pride will pass. The main thing is that it shouldn’t divert you from your spiritual path. If there are any diversions and you behave like obstinate children, I am used to it. Therefore, nothing can be done but to gradually get over it. We will learn how.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, “Faith Above Reason”

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 07.30.13

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