Can Internal Efforts Be Measured?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What criteria can help a person to control his wholeness and integrality?

Answer: The criteria are very simple and clear: for a human being to rise above his egoism and to relate to all members of society according to the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Question: This criterion cannot be measured. What does it mean, “to rise” or “love”?..

Answer: This criterion can be measured indirectly. We can never measure our internal efforts that are oriented towards overcoming egoism, nor can we calculate to which extent we are able to include the desires of the other into ours and then try to fulfill them by using resources and aspirations of our own.

So far, it’s not under our control. We don’t penetrate into the essence of nature (the still, vegetative, animate, not to mention the speaking level) deep enough in order to sense the internal forces that govern us. We are speaking here about measuring man’s inner world.

There are some people who manage to rise above their egoism and thus can measure and accurately define both their egoistic and altruistic desires, the forces that act within these desires, the possibilities of transition, and the ways and methods that help them make all sorts of movements within their qualities. However, it’s available only to those who have gained control over themselves and their properties.

It can only be measured by somebody who has discovered the spiritual structure (one’s sensory world) and is able to easily move inside it. When this structure is revealed to him and all these qualities are already sorted, then he clearly sees correlations among them. He can measure his egoism. He comprehends the power and capacity of his personal properties, feelings, and so on, which are not that numerous after all. For him, they are not a secret anymore.
From KabTV Program “Integral World: Formula of an Integral Society” 7/1/12

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