The Creator Pushes, While The Environment Catches Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are always at the mercy of the Creator, and He fills us, causing us to feel either Him or His opposite. This feeling may be vested in a variety of different images, but in fact, there are only two states.

If a person tries to remain in this assessment of the Creator continuously, while being aware that he is working only against Him, it saves time. Then one understands that during the ascents and descents, during the times when he praises or criticizes the Creator, loves or accuses Him, that all the while he is in the hands of the upper force that either knocks him off the path or assists him on it.

This is considered a success or a transgression only in terms of a person’s point of view. And for the Creator, everything is holy because it is necessary for the clarification of the properties of bestowal, and there is nothing wrong in the process a person undergoes.

But still, you should try to get things clarified swiftly and soundly. You need to play against the Creator the same way He plays with you, to neutralize this game. The Creator raises or lowers you, but you should use the environment so as to soften the ups and downs by giving and then receiving from it.

Amid these ups and downs, you should employ the environment to find some kind of intermediate, stable state for yourself that wouldn’t change. That is, use the environment as a regulator, a spring, a power generator, which helps you maintain balance during an ascent and descent. You use the environment to transfuse from one state into another, the strength, intentions, and desires, when you are at rock bottom or at the greatest height.

Thus, the environment will work like a rectifier of alternating current, and all your ups and downs will come in one state: the revelation of the Creator as one force.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/2011, Shamati #62

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