The Homework That Is Done Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Newspaper “The Nation”: Observing life’s reflections, we see that the process of a nation is very similar to the process of a single individual. The function of each nation is like the function of the organs in a single body. As the body must have harmony among its parts—the eyes see and the brain is assisted by them to think and to consult, then the hands work or fight, and the legs walk.

Thus, each stands on its guard and waits for its function. Similarly, the organs that comprise the body of the nation, the counselors, the employers, the workers, the deliverers, etc. should function in complete harmony among them. This is necessary for the normal life of the nation and for a secured existence.

As the natural death of the individual results from disharmony among one’s organs, the nation’s natural decline results from some obstruction that occurred among its organs, as our sages testified (Tosfot, Baba Metzia, Chapter Two) that Jerusalem was ruined only because of unfounded hatred.

It is evident that our body is capable of healthy existence only if all of its organs are devotedly connected to each other, where every organ knows its role with respect to the whole body. Then, the organ completely provides the body with its work and all the substances; it gives and receives in full harmony, according to the correct laws and the correspondence between them.

This is clear to everyone. However, we still don’t realize that this law operates on the scale of the entire creation, the entire universe. Even though explosions or emissions do happen in some parts of the body, ultimately, it all forms a big, living system. Thus, it’s quite possible that the entire universe lives in harmony just like one organism, and it is only us who don’t understand that!

A human society should live in the same way. Little by little, we are getting closer to the realization that a certain process is leading us to a stronger connection to and dependency on each other. We just need to clarify what in this growing and increasingly evident interdependence and connection depends on us and what is placed upon nature.

Nature is constantly revealing our interconnectedness to us, and our task is to respond to it: to connect correctly. It’s similar to how regular life plays tricks on us by giving us problems and exercises, by pushing us, demanding change, while we have to change in response, do all the exercises, and adjust ourselves to this world.

This is what is happening nowadays. We have no choice but to understand that nature is offering us a new form of relationships, which we can’t discern yet. That’s why it is important to decide how to accept it and do the exercise we received today correctly.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/17/2011, “The Nation”

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