Spain’s Unemployment Rate Rises To 21.5%

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “In Spain, the unemployment rate is the highest among developed countries, more than double the European average of 9.3%. Even in Greece, it is 17.6%. Unemployment among young Spaniards is 45.8% and is not expected to decline; many people are ending a three year period of unemployment benefits.

“The fund for long-term unemployed is melting; a family with two children receives 1400 euro per month. As unemployment increases, social tension is growing: It gave birth to Spain’s protest movement ‘los indignados’ (the indignant).”

My Comment: There is no other choice but to organize education and upbringing to prepare the masses for interacting in the new world, with cooperation and balance in society and with nature. This will produce positive forces, which will gradually bring the whole society into balance. Otherwise, the growing social tension will lead to a civil war again….

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