Learning To Overcome Pride

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we work with the pride that was revealed after the convention?

Answer: After the convention there was indeed a revelation of pride especially in Europe. Every part of the world has its typical problems and weaknesses and Europe and Russia are different in that sense.

What is pride? In regard to whom and to what? A person has to clarify this by himself:

  • I feel pride because I understand and know everything, for having attained something and now I am great and have everything. This will pass and disappear by itself in a couple of days.
  • I feel pride because I am several levels above everyone else, and they are unhappy, struggling with their small crises, while I am above them, I understand everything and don’t really care about anything as I look upon them from above. This is wrong.

If we speak about connection and about the fact that we have to correct the shattering between us, then eventually we have to worry about everyone as about our own children. I don’t think that you would relate to people like that if you felt that they were your children, but this is exactly how we should relate to them.

Actually, I see no reason why you should be proud. What is so special about you? What have you attained by yourselves? Nothing.

You were in a group, you were brought, pushed, and different actions were performed on you. You participated passively without understanding the essence of why and where this should lead to. You didn’t even aim at the current state and didn’t know what it is like. This means that your actions were not focused and so it turns out that you were lucky. So what are you proud of?

I can tell you from my own experience that the higher a person ascends, the more he advances, and the closer he is to the Creator, the more humble and low he feels. It is because he sees the action of the infinite Light that arranges everything at any given moment that builds and revives everything.

Keep on working and the feeling of pride will pass. The main thing is that it shouldn’t divert you from your spiritual path. If there are any diversions and you behave like obstinate children, I am used to it. Therefore, nothing can be done but to gradually get over it. We will learn how.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, “Faith Above Reason”

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