A Heated Chess Game Against The Snake

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo enable us to become the same as the Creator and rise to His level, an enormous barrier was created between us and Him, called our will to enjoy, the ego. It has many different faces: pride, lust, envy, ambition, and many others, whereas our work is to understand how to see help for advancement in all of these obstacles.

After all, when our evil becomes revealed, we immediately repel it. However, we must only feel hatred for its use, to hate it without erasing it.

This bribe is also in front of our eyes and through it we see the world in whatever way is profitable for us, where “for us” means our egoistic desire that rules over us for now, meaning our temporary ruler. Yet it turns out that this bribe is for our own good and was created specifically so we would outsmart it. Like a cunning snake, it is trying to bribe us and aim us toward its benefit, showing us various ways by which it can use us for its own benefit.

And we have to attract the Light that reforms with the help of the group and the study so inside of its cunning we would see a hint showing us how to learn this wisdom from it. It wants to bribe us and use us, but at the same time it shows us that it is doing this deliberately because at the end of its bribe and wile, there is a point we can grab on to, that we can catch—the tail. And in this way, we can win, turning everything around to benefit us.

Then we will no longer be acting for this snake’s benefit, but will reveal that the bribe was necessary only to teach us greater wisdom. This is our work.

Therefore, on one hand, “a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise,” but on the other hand, without this blindness, which we reveal and through which we attain the wisdom of the Creator, who hides inside of this snake, we won’t be able to advance. Precisely upon the contrast of two opposites, we learn this cunning—the reverse lie, the reverse wisdom. In this way we correct the breaking and acquire the corrected spiritual vessel, desire.

This corrected vessel contains the entire broken desire and all of the obstacles, together with all of the bribe that was received by our egoism, which played with us. However, we outplayed it from our end and attained correction.

We enjoy revealing its entire many-faced wile. It’s as if we decipher secret moves inside an intricate chess game, and we like playing this way. The more sophisticated are the opponent’s ploys in trying to trick, use, bribe, and confuse us, the deeper is the mind, the plan of creation that we reveal inside of this game. Therefore, we like this bribe because it helps us acquire great wisdom.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/11, Shamati
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  1. Great analogy! Our egos (yetzer hara) are really clever. It’s so easy to tell ourselves in any calculation we have that the receiving feels good so it must be good. Yet, if we examine it closely we can see that it’s exactly this feeling of good from reception that is making us feel bad. First we feel good from the egoistic calculation and then we have pain. And when we look closely at how the pain and calcuation of reception appear at the same time, in all cases of calculations, we see the connection. Then we aim at getting rid of reception, because we see it causes us suffering and is bad. Then when we test to see after the calculation has been transformed after ommitting the reception. We see that with each instance of getting rid of it, that the pain went away too, for all calculations. So, getting rid of it is the cure, even though we start out feeling good from reception, we end up feeling good from bestowal.

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