The World Is Suffering Because Of Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How much longer are we going to suffer like stubborn children that do not wish to create a good environment? How do we overcome our stubbornness?

Answer: We need to convince ourselves of the need to advance. Otherwise, we will suffer. We should be ashamed of the fact that the world is suffering, and we are not giving it what we can and what it needs. We truly should feel guilty for the suffering of the world. Let this shame burn us, finally causing us to do something.

The individual calculations that we use to justify ourselves as we sit home and do nothing are of no use here. Regardless of what may seem to us, we need to use all our strength to be imbued by the suffering in the world and see that we are responsible for leading it to correction.

It is truly a big problem if we treat the world and people with neglect, thinking: “Let them suffer; maybe then they’ll change.” They cannot change. Only we can change, and then through us, they will be provided with ready decisions.

On the spiritual path we reveal that the world is our own system. Now imagine that for many years you purposely caused people harm, treated them as enemies, and enjoyed it, and now suddenly you discover that they are your children. Imagine the misery you feel now, as you remember everything that they were forced to endure because of you.

This is the part of shame that is revealed to us. Therefore, in order to reduce it, we need to hurry ahead of time by rejecting personal calculations. Whatever happens, do not pay attention to the behavior of people. After all, the Creator purposely presents them in this manner so that you would think only about bestowal and wish them good.
From the 1st Lesson, Kabbalah Convention in Toronto, 9/6/2011

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  1. After years of suffering and an infinitely increasing attitude of complacency, it is very difficult if not impossible to find anything that would “convince” me that I could advance even if I wanted to. The deep-seated and insidious attitude of ‘que sera sera’ has taken its toll.

  2. Thank you!!! It’s like the world doesn’t care about the suffering it inflicts upon others. If they realized what they were doing they would think about what they put others through. My mother left when I was three years old. I have always been without her, and the family who was supposed to be there for me was abusive. I’m not complaining. I’m glad I had the opportunity to see that hatred isn’t the way to do things and examine reality as it really is. But, no child or adult should have to suffer from another person because of hatred. It’s just wrong. (sorry if that’s too personal)

  3. 🙁

  4. Let’s get Echad–cious!

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