Principles Of Spiritual Work, 09.12.2011

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Collection of Tips and Principles of Spiritual Work Studied During the Daily Kabbalah Lesson

Everything depends on my qualities. We don’t really understand this since we have gotten used to the particular qualities with which we were born, grew up, and are living today. However, if we really change them, we will completely transform our reality. We will grasp a higher layer and perceive it as eternal, situated above time, space, and motion. We can live in completely different conditions there.

All this can come true; this ability is instilled in us. We can influence the Light that forms us, and accordingly, it will give us various qualities. This mechanism was used by Kabbalists of all generations until today.

Yet today we find ourselves in a special state, where the whole humanity acquires this ability. An impulse is born in us to change the present form of existence; we feel continuously worse in this world and find less and less benefit from living in it. We are still holding on to it due to hopelessness and unwillingness to suffer, but we ask more and more persistently “What for? Why? What is the purpose of this existence?”

Questions and suffering of different levels push us to search. At the same time, we develop an ability to control the force that created us, to such an extent that we truly change due to it. Then, during this period of time, this life, in our reality, we will be able to turn the wheels inside us and find ourselves in completely different dimensions.
The crisis is in the connection between people, in the negative relationships between us. In this regard we do not correspond to nature. Nature displays itself as whole, and all the forces in it unite into one mechanism. Meanwhile, we, on the contrary, are separate. This is in fact the crisis: our collision with nature.

Some people study the science of Kabbalah and engage in corrections because they desire this. Others are brought to Kabbalah by a desire for a good material life. People with a point in the heart advance due to work in the group, the studies, and dissemination. They pertain to GAR de Bina. The other part of humanity works in accordance with Malchut, and these two parts unite into 10 Sefirot.

Circulation of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

There needs to be a preliminary condition for revealing spirituality: dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the whole world, which is called “the call of the Messiah.” I need to reveal to the world that there is something good, pleasant, and worthy, which reveals everything to you. It should be so attractive that even if I don’t feel any lack in anything now, suddenly I feel that I lack another, upper world.

Everything depends on the circulation of the wisdom of Kabbalah, both for those who disseminate and try to realize it, as well as for those who do not understand what it is all about, but feel a need that they cannot fulfill nonetheless.

We need to desire spirituality ourselves, and only then can we reveal it. This desire must be perfect; it should reach a full measure called “Seah.” And I can receive it only from the environment. Therefore, you should understand how important circulation is!

By circulating Kabbalah, we add knowledge to the world, and this has direct influence on people. After all, if they were your children, you would exert all possible effort in order for them to achieve success in spite of the difficulties.

Precisely in the circulation of the mutual guarantee, joint participation in the prevention of crises, in everything that does not deal with the science of Kabbalah, there is complete equality between men and women. Therefore, we should use every opportunity and every appropriate occasion to employ the female force in circulating the message of mutual guarantee.

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