No Mutual Guarantee, No Cottage Cheese

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll that we need is to turn our desire to the upper one, to raise a prayer (MAN). But it must be in a plea for Arvut (mutual guarantee), and not “give me an apartment and affordable goods.” Without an aspiration to bestowal, we won’t be able to raise our prayer since it needs to be somewhat purposeful. I can’t simply say: “Give me a raise in salary.” That won’t help.

Thus, first of all, we must learn about mutual guarantee. All of us need to know that we will succeed only if we connect. This element must be in every request. Every problem, even the most corporeal, everything needs to include mutual guarantee. I want an apartment that I don’t have—I will receive one thanks to mutual guarantee. I want everything that is necessary for life, meaning health, vacation, pension, and free kindergarten—I will receive all of it, but only on condition that I clothe my corporeal demands in the wrapping that allows me to attain it all only through our connection.

Nature shows us that it is global and integral and by this, it specifically reveals to us the connection. We have no choice: We also need to be connected. Otherwise, we won’t be able to find a solution to anything. We will be able to provide for all our demands only on condition that we correspond to what is happening today in human society, that is, if we connect in the correct way.

We need to at least want to move in this direction, even if we still don’t succeed in connecting. And don’t think that no one wants to hear about this. People want to connect, they are ready to listen to it. Even if they don’t listen today, tomorrow they will begin to talk about the same thing by themselves. This is how it works, and hence, nothing more is needed. If a little thought about mutual guarantee comes up in the mind of a person, that’s enough. Naturally, all of his other worries are about making a living. After all, all of us have to eat something every day, and that comes first.

Ultimately, all the worries will amount to very simple demands: housing, food, heath, and security. All the rest are not so important. The main thing is to have a place to live, food to eat, a healthy body, and security. This is actually what man is concerned about. If we dress these needs in the wrapping of mutual guarantee, with a little understanding and a little feeling that only together can we solve these problems, then that’s enough.

Everyone understands that the connection is worthwhile, even from a corporeal point of view, according to the following logic: If we connect and help each other, poor and rich as one, an atmosphere will be created in the nation that people will actually want to share, to create greater social justice. It will also work beyond our understanding where there is no rational solution whatsoever. Hence, we have no choice: We will be able to solve problems only by way of mutual guarantee, both rationally and also beyond any rational logic.

If we explain this to everyone so that everyone connects all of their hopes and aspirations with reaching mutual guarantee, that will become a real prayer that will be answered. I think about cottage cheese, but together with mutual guarantee; I think about an apartment and security and connect that to mutual guarantee, with the general connection. So, my prayer rises and reaches the upper one.

Otherwise, it won’t reach the upper one. Will the Creator listen to my prayer if I just pray for an apartment or for cottage cheese? Actually, He took all this from me just so that I would add to it the element of mutual guarantee. Then it will be a real prayer: I want cottage cheese for my stomach and besides that I want mutual guarantee for my soul. This is already the attribute of Bina—this is how Bina and Malchut connect at the lowest level. One desire comes from the stomach and the other from the heart: cottage cheese and mutual guarantee. One can’t exist without the other.

And then we truly raise MAN, a request that is received Above. Otherwise, you can shout to the Creator: “I need cottage cheese!” And He will only reply: “I know. Actually, I took it from you.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s Letters

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  1. I like cottage cheese, I suppose I am on board with this plan (:

    Interestingly there is rational to it. Oddly, it is but a part of the picture, for we are dealing with irrational systems. If you look at numbers, irrational ones are the ones like phi, the golden ratio, which have rational patterns embedded within an unending sequence of numbers and patters which can not be predicted. Hence, there is both rationality and irrationality here. Lucky for us, the heart is a master of irrationality (: Again, thus we need both. The hybrid is a form of higher mind and heart, a higher being, soul processing sole processing, it works with both, and in fact needs both. Not a single branch is disconnected. We know we are faltering when we try to purge something. Of course, growth requires something to be let go of…

  2. If there is no cottage cheese, there is no Arvut.
    If there is no Aravut, there is no cottage cheese.

    If there is no wheat, there is no Torah.
    If there is not Torah, there is no wheat.

    If there is no Malchut, there is no Bina,
    If there is no Bina, there is no Malchut.

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