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A Process In Waves

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you evaluate the state of the world group? What do we lack and what do we need to do in order to develop a focused joint attack?

Answer: In my opinion, you have already felt about yourselves that when you learn within the group seriously and steadily, trying to summon forces to relate to people, to friends and to learning correctly, in general for the whole world, then suddenly you feel some kind of confusion, an inexplicable mess, everything escapes from your head and nothing is connected. You don’t know where you are, something is happening that is not clear.

A number of days pass, perhaps a week or two, depending upon which part of the way in which the person is found (in the beginning this could even take up to two months and perhaps even more) and after that these states become compressed. They become shorter and shorter, but in spite of it all, a mess is felt in the head.

And then suddenly everything becomes clear, clarified, and organized. You learn on a new level, with greater understanding and feeling, and again everything progresses smoothly and well.

There is a cumulative process of your intentions, actions, learning, and then suddenly you again enter into an inexplicable internal vortex, you cannot concentrate mentally and emotionally. You are completely lost, and suddenly after a number of days or perhaps a number of hours or weeks, everything becomes clarified. This is the process.

Baal HaSulam writes that when he was in a state like this, it didn’t apply to the books, he wouldn’t try to read or to learn much. He would need to supply himself internally with everything, to reorganize and digest everything within himself so that the Light would bring him to another level and would convey to him particular elements so that he would begin to understand, to see, and to feel everything differently.

I personally think that a break like this is imperative, and incidentally, this is very widespread in everyday life. I remember that when I was studying we had a professor who was a lecturer who told us to go to the movies in the evening and come to him in the morning for the examination. And he was right. This truly helps, as it makes it possible for you to be organized and not just absorb what is written in books.
From the St. Petersburg Convention 7/11/13, “Preparatory Lesson”

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Thick Klipot That Cover The Spaces

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the compass that will make it possible for me to establish where the “self” is found and where it isn’t? Where is this strange thing found that covers me like a thick Klipot (skin) that needs to be peeled?

Answer: This compass is the group. When you discuss this together, you reach the true form that exists in everyone, male or female. A youth who is in love symbolizes a personal lack for connection with another. However, in the meantime, this other is comprehended by him on the animate level as an interest in the opposite sex.

However, when you peel away all of the artificial Klipot and move it all to the left side, only the desire that you discover remains for you on the right side, then, with the help of the two Kelim, you become an expert examiner who begins to examine and clarify. You already can look at everything seriously, understanding what you want to attain. You now search for a true, reciprocal connection in order to fill that space that is discovered in you.

Additionally, this is not that same space that existed then on the small, animate level. Rather, now, this is a space on the level of the Adam (man). You understand and feel this. Through the peeling, you expose the inner space, and then you truly understand what you are truly seeking. This begins to be clarified. You don’t go back to being that little boy or little girl. Rather, you transform into a man or a woman, understanding what you want.

You are searching for a true inner connection, a reciprocal relationship, a desire to fulfill each other where each one thinks about the other and is found within his own space. He wants to be aware of the space and to fill it. He knows what to do in order to penetrate into it and fill it, and the other opens his heart before me and both act reciprocally.

You understand what to do and together you play with the two lines. All the evil that you peeled away from yourselves transforms into shared evil, and even the good transforms into being shared, and then you transform into a single person with both good and bad characteristics. Together, you become a man and a woman connected into a single system.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 6/20/13

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Levels Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Article “A Sage’s Fruit”: The Zohar compares this to two people who were on a boat when and one of them began to drill underneath himself. His friend rebuked him, “Why are you drilling?” And the fool answered him,”What business is it of yours, I am under me, not you?” Truly, one person can ruin everything.

In the physical world, in a case like this all of us will drown, and what happens in spirituality?

And this is the secret of the prayer of many, it is forbidden for an individual to leave the collective. And it is forbidden for him to ask only for himself, about himself, even if it is to give satisfaction to his Maker, rather he must ask only for the entire collective.

First it is necessary to reach love of others. And from this state one will reach love of the Creator. Which is to say, first of all we must connect and only then can we go on to the next step. There can be no spiritual action if it doesn’t come from connection.

Spirituality doesn’t exist by itself rather we build it from our Kelim, vessels, we form a picture of the spiritual world on a background of white Light. Certainly we are not allowed to portray just what comes to us, we are limited by the picture that potentially exists already within the Light.

We need to gradually adapt ourselves to the Light, approaching it by the 125 levels that we construct. It’s specifically we who build these states within our Kelim. And therefore we don’t have anything to build without connection. And someone who is not directed toward this goal is not directed towards a spiritual action. Every other action besides this brings us to “another way,” the way of “Beito,” to the way of suffering, to the long and difficult way that is designed to return us to the recognition of the need for connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/05/13, Writings of Rabash

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Bestowal In Order To Receive

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Shemot (Exodus),” “Parshat Mishpatim (Laws),” 21:16: He who kidnaps a man—whether he has sold him or is still holding him—shall be put to death.

On the spiritual level, “kidnapping someone” symbolizes that through your ego you kidnap the Adam (human) in yourself, subjugate him, and sell him to your next egoistic level. Likewise you still try to profit from this Adam in you, which is to say to include him within your ego in such a form that it will gain from the previous level of the Adam in you.

This is an activity in which we fail many times, calling it “bestowal in order to receive,” where the person is ready to act well in the right form, with a goal of benefiting egoistically. In this case there is nothing to do.

And this is called, “and he sells him,” in that you make him a servant and you profit from him. Therefore all the seeming “acts of kindness” on our physical level are realized only for the sake of personal benefit. Someone who is more ready than everyone to sell the Adam in himself, he is highest of all. We see a good example of this in politics, in which the main thing is to be emotionally detached; everything needs to be built on a clear decision.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/11/13

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