A Process In Waves

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you evaluate the state of the world group? What do we lack and what do we need to do in order to develop a focused joint attack?

Answer: In my opinion, you have already felt about yourselves that when you learn within the group seriously and steadily, trying to summon forces to relate to people, to friends and to learning correctly, in general for the whole world, then suddenly you feel some kind of confusion, an inexplicable mess, everything escapes from your head and nothing is connected. You don’t know where you are, something is happening that is not clear.

A number of days pass, perhaps a week or two, depending upon which part of the way in which the person is found (in the beginning this could even take up to two months and perhaps even more) and after that these states become compressed. They become shorter and shorter, but in spite of it all, a mess is felt in the head.

And then suddenly everything becomes clear, clarified, and organized. You learn on a new level, with greater understanding and feeling, and again everything progresses smoothly and well.

There is a cumulative process of your intentions, actions, learning, and then suddenly you again enter into an inexplicable internal vortex, you cannot concentrate mentally and emotionally. You are completely lost, and suddenly after a number of days or perhaps a number of hours or weeks, everything becomes clarified. This is the process.

Baal HaSulam writes that when he was in a state like this, it didn’t apply to the books, he wouldn’t try to read or to learn much. He would need to supply himself internally with everything, to reorganize and digest everything within himself so that the Light would bring him to another level and would convey to him particular elements so that he would begin to understand, to see, and to feel everything differently.

I personally think that a break like this is imperative, and incidentally, this is very widespread in everyday life. I remember that when I was studying we had a professor who was a lecturer who told us to go to the movies in the evening and come to him in the morning for the examination. And he was right. This truly helps, as it makes it possible for you to be organized and not just absorb what is written in books.
From the St. Petersburg Convention 7/11/13, “Preparatory Lesson”

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