Connecting The First Spiritual Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything that we want to attain in spirituality, which is the attribute of bestowal, can be attained only by our unity. So if we want to learn something during the lesson in the convention we can do that only if we imagine the unity between us. To the extent that we imagine this, to the extent we aspire for this, even if we don’t understand the upper unity (above our ego) exactly, even if we are only trying to imagine all that in our current attributes, it already spurs the upper Light, which means the next level that bestows upon us and “draws” us to it.

To advance is to ascend as a result of the influence of an upper level, which illuminates upon you to the extent that you are drawn to it. So every time we try to connect before a lesson, especially during conventions, we have to accurately focus on that.

If a person tries to create such inner tension by himself and to search for it, it will lead to nothing if it doesn’t go through the society, through connection, through the attribute that operates when many unite into one whole. After all, we were shattered so we would collect ourselves and feel spirituality independently, so we would be a spiritual “embryo.”

When we descend from the top down unconsciously, from the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) to our world, we have no knowledge yet, no awareness, no feeling, since it all happens as a direct result of the Light, or under the influence of the Direct Light. So we don’t exist yet, we are only on the first levels of our development. We have to develop just as our universe developed from energy to a material form through the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and human beings.

The ascent from the bottom up, now that we are only beginning to implement it to all of humanity, can be performed only according to the unity between us or more accurately, according to our efforts to unite. We don’t have to unite, it is impossible, but we can aspire for that. To the extent that we aspire for that, we create the conditions to get closer to the next higher level, and then the first spiritual level illuminates upon us. By our attempts to unite, we spur its influence according to our yearning for unity.

If a person aspires for attaining spirituality without this influence, then no matter how he does it, he will only attain the distortions that exist in the world today: religions, beliefs, various methods, etc., many of which are based on different connections. If, on the other hand, we aspire to find ourselves in the center of unity (since we don’t exist otherwise), which means to create something common, whole, spiritual, the general vessel that was before the shattering, then we will draw the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) upon ourselves to the same extent. So let’s control ourselves and examine ourselves.

Any personal attempt to learn something, to understand, or to feel is wrong if it is not immediately aimed at unity and through it to exiting. Then the “I” becomes “we” and “we” becomes one whole in which we already begin to feel the upper level.

So the most important thing is to imagine this general state, the general vessel.

We have to train ourselves for this state. Here our very attempts are important, no matter what they are: if our search fails, when you constantly fall into your ego, into your personal desire and feeling. All these efforts are actually good, lead us towards the goal, and are accepted. It is just like a small child who constantly tries to do something and although he doesn’t succeed, it is such attempts that help him grow and eventually turn him into a skillful, understanding adult.

So we have to examine ourselves especially regarding this point. We have to get used to it just as we get used to every action or different perspective that seems strange at first. First, our ego will certainly reject this until we see some benefit in it for ourselves. But it is its help called “help against” that gives us the chance to make certain efforts when we enter and when we exit, that means when we are thrown out of thoughts about unity and by making artificial efforts, we remind one another about it and unite again in our thoughts, no matter what the outcome is, whether we succeed or not and whether it is easy or difficult.

Of course we will succeed less and less since the ego that we need in order to attain the first spiritual level is not a simple thing. Compared to the ordinary ego it is much greater and more sophisticated. It is our spiritual ego and it belongs to a different level, to the “human” level. It is based on the integrality that is above our nature, above the speed of Light, above the understanding of cause and effect that we see in our world. This ego is different not only in power but also in its inner intensity. Its structure is more complicated.

It is as if we build electronic circuits from different components and they begin to communicate with one another. They used to be separate parts: capacitors, resistors, diodes, and transistors, but they didn’t work. Each of them seems to be living a minimal life, but the circuit itself actually begins to work only when it is put together correctly and is connected to a source of energy, to the upper level.

So we mustn’t forget that our ego will constantly grow and that it will always be increasingly more difficult to reach the thoughts about our collective powers about the collective feeling and the collective mind. But in this way we reach the state of our initial connection.

The example of the electric circuit helps us understand that the main thing is the initial connection. Then more and more elements that cooperate better, join it and tune to one another, enter a “resonance,” and adjust themselves to one another. This is the spiritual ascent.

Then it is simpler. If someone starts working and if there is minimal life in this circuit, it becomes easier. After all, now you will work with the spiritual level with new data. You examine these instruments, you know them, you feel them, which means that you constantly adjust the circuit and tune it to work better until it becomes a system that functions fully at its utmost level.

But in the meantime, we have to assemble it first. After all, the moment we reach the minimal spiritual effort, there will be an immediate connection to the source and the beginning of a movement in the circle of connection between us. Then we begin to feel the upper mind and already work according to its laws.
From the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13, Lesson 2

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