Bestowal In Order To Receive

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Shemot (Exodus),” “Parshat Mishpatim (Laws),” 21:16: He who kidnaps a man—whether he has sold him or is still holding him—shall be put to death.

On the spiritual level, “kidnapping someone” symbolizes that through your ego you kidnap the Adam (human) in yourself, subjugate him, and sell him to your next egoistic level. Likewise you still try to profit from this Adam in you, which is to say to include him within your ego in such a form that it will gain from the previous level of the Adam in you.

This is an activity in which we fail many times, calling it “bestowal in order to receive,” where the person is ready to act well in the right form, with a goal of benefiting egoistically. In this case there is nothing to do.

And this is called, “and he sells him,” in that you make him a servant and you profit from him. Therefore all the seeming “acts of kindness” on our physical level are realized only for the sake of personal benefit. Someone who is more ready than everyone to sell the Adam in himself, he is highest of all. We see a good example of this in politics, in which the main thing is to be emotionally detached; everything needs to be built on a clear decision.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/11/13

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