Replacing The Truth With Various Alternatives

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, from the article, “Peace in the World”: Thus you find that the attribute of truth has no practical ability to organize the path of the individual and the path of the collective in an absolute and satisfactory manner. Also, it is completely insufficient for organizing life at the end of the correction of the world.

The attribute of truth is the only attribute that makes it possible for us to organize our lives according to nature.

The basic law of reality is the law of the equivalence of form. In principle, a law cannot include only one thing, there must be two components in it that are linked together according to a particular formula. Therefore, if I equalize my personal characteristics with some model, with this I am found in unity with it, in connection, in fulfillment, and so on.

This is called “truth.” And I need to measure the quality of my equivalence to a standard, or lack of equivalence to it according to the characteristics.

In general, the entire creation is the opposite of the Creator. And therefore the entire process of my development is in the adaptation of my characteristics to His characteristics more and more all the time, until I reach unity, adherence, and full equivalence. And my ability to measure my present level of equivalence is called “truth.”

This truth is accurate, clear, true, and tested. Thus we constantly check ourselves relative to the Creator.

Look, there is a Creator and there is a creature, and the measure between them is called truth, the true measure. This is the true measure, the weight, the distance, the difference, or the adaptation between the characteristics.

That is also how among ourselves we need to measure ourselves and the group. And the truth is that this is how we measure ourselves: to the degree that each has adapted to the group, to this degree he has adapted to the Creator. In other words, according to a group that is corrected on our level, they check how much I am damaged or corrected in comparison. This is how we examine the degree of truth.

But how do we measure ourselves now in a physical world from which we want to approach spirituality, the completion of correction? According to what do we make this measurement? You see, we don’t see a corrected society in front of us, and we don’t even know what a corrected society is.

As long as we have not brought into society integral education, knowledge of the ideal state—a state called harmony, a balance between all forces and factors, contentment, from which nobody can remove us—as long as we have not reached this state, we are in trouble.

How do we do this? We describe a balanced state in society to ourselves: All of us are equal, all of us love, all of us bestow, and so forth. A state similar to this we place as our goal, and we can already measure according to this state.

But in spite of all this, it is difficult to measure the contrast with it. Therefore we continue to wander in fog and confusion, which impedes us even if we describe to ourselves the right picture and are detached from the experiences of the various “builders of communism.” There is a need to find true, precise standards, but in our world we haven’t found them, and the Kabbalists are unable to give us the scale

But a measure of truth is what is most required for our world, since a clear understanding of what differentiates between our society and the ideal state would cause everyone to desire that state. But there is no clear picture, and everyone sees what comes to his mind, and therefore we cannot sustain the world.

At every moment the entire world must be developing exclusively towards the completion of correction. The only ways given for this passage are by the way of beito (in its time) or by the way of achishenah (accelerating time). So what do we do if we cannot manage our development through measuring the truth and advance with achishenah?

In a circumstance like this, if you don’t know where to escape, where to go, it is preferable to be quiet and not move. This is because your wrong movement could cause even greater harm. The chance of making the correct move, according to the experience of our history is zero. And therefore about this it is written: “Sit and do nothing,” until you clarify things in a natural form.

However, humanity has tried to complete the measure of truth with other characteristics, which are like crutches; they can support the feet of human society, in other words, they give support with some degree of connection so that we don’t devour each other. For this would require a measure for truth that is now found among us in which we would simply need to eat each other. Therefore it is up to us to perfect it with other characteristics…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/30/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Peace in the World

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