If Enemies Surround Me – My Heart Will Not Fear!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf enemies surround me – my heart will not fear!

If they raise a war against me – I rely on the Creator!
(From a Shabbat song)

The main thing is to see that this war is between the two parts of the universe. On one side, there is the entire human ego, the egoism in me. On the other side, there is a group, a society, through which I receive help from the Creator.

If the force of evil is awakened in me: It deprives me of strength, confuses and misleads me; my point in the heart feels that the war is inflamed with my evil. Then, I quickly run for help to the group and to the Creator that is concealed within it, the force of bestowal, and thus become armed against evil, and I rise in war against my egoism.

Shamati, Article 42: Reception of the Kingdom of Heaven must be unconditional surrender.

However, when one says that he is willing to take upon himself the work on condition that there will be a shape of white, meaning that the day will shine for him, and he does not agree if the work appears to him in a black form, this person has no place in the King’s Hall. This is because those who wish to work in order to bestow are admitted into the King’s Hall, and when one works in order to bestow, he does not mind what he feels during the work.

Rather, even in a state where one sees a shape of black, one is not impressed by it, but he only wants the Creator to give him strength to be able to overcome all the obstacles. It means that one does not ask of the Creator to give him a shape of white, but to give him the strength to overcome all the concealments.

If Enemies Surround Me

First, my own evil is awakened, “help against me” (1). Then I have no other choice but to turn to the group within which the force of the Light, the force of the Creator (2) is hidden. Due to this, I correct my evil (3) and transform black darkness into the white Light.

It all depends on the person. Actually, there is neither black nor white—a person turns black into white and white into black.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/13

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