Beware Of Merchants Of Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: All those attributes: mercy, charity, and peace emerged and were born from the weakness of truth. This is what caused society to divide into sects. …In simpler words, we can divide the two sects into “constructors” and “destructors.” Constructors are those who want construction, the benefit of the collective, for which they are often willing to give of their own possessions to others.

But those who are naturally prone to destruction and profligacy were more comfortable clinging to the attribute of truth, meaning, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours,” for their own gain, and would never want to give up anything of their own to others without taking into consideration jeopardizing the well-being of the collective, for as by nature they are destructors.

We are not able to “live in truth,” meaning to be guided by the category of truth. As for destroyers, they just talk about it, using its name and appearance to their advantage.

In fact, the truth is that everyone is equal in relative terms. But for this, it’s necessary to estimate correctly everyone’s nature and efforts to be able to compare in every concrete state. We are incapable of such an analysis.

Only at the final correction, when we are all interconnected and provide each other in a unified integral analog system, will everyone be able to act towards others according to the category of truth. And until then, even a moment before unity, it’s not the truth because I cannot contribute every moment, providing everyone with as much as needed, according to their deeds, their preparedness, and their needs.

The truth is a complete whole picture. Therefore, we are given preliminary categories to form it: mercy, justice, and peace. We start from a simple egoistic impurity, from the principle “yours is mine, and mine is mine.” Then we move on to the attribute of Sodom, “mine is mine, yours is yours.” This is already a certain progress.

But in spirituality, impurity turns into the opposite: “mine is yours, and yours is yours.”

In addition, there is another option: “yours is mine, and mine is yours.”

How do we use mercy, justice, and peace to correct and eventually reach the “final destination” of truth? And in general, in what way are the preliminary attributes less than that unique constant category of truth?

Truth is called a failsafe state of a corrected system in which we are all interconnected and fulfill each other’s desires. In other words, my desire works for everyone to the extent of my ability and responsibility to provide for the entire system. Similarly, everyone else works in the same way, being in the state of final correction, like the organs of a healthy body. This is what the truth is: Every part feels the desire of any other part and the collective desire of everyone as his own. No one has any problems with “giving himself away” and providing them with everything they need.

Such an approach would be a burden for me because it is opposed to my desire. I would have to keep in mind seven billion concerns and calculations for every person on Earth. Is this possible?

On the other hand, if I am in one system together with everyone, and they become my desire, then everything becomes easy and simple because now we take care of each other naturally, just like I don’t think about my body when it is healthy and functions properly. With a universal interconnection, everyone fulfills everyone according to the attribute of truth. Thus, it’s revealed only as a result of correction.

Still how does everything function on the preliminary stages? For example, what are the measures of connection between us called “justice,” “mercy,” and “peace”? What kind of relationship is this? What is its power? On what conditions does it work?

We are talking about the system with defects, not yet complete, “lame” to the extent that we cannot be limited by one of the preliminary categories and are forced to use all three. What are the drawbacks of these methods of social control? Each has something corrected; however, everyone needs support, help from the other two. And again, when all three are in harmony with each other, what do they lack in order to reach the truth?

Comment: We might need an incentive, a motive to advance toward the truth.

Answer: In principle, yes. For example, justice that is being revealed brings me some contentment, and at the same time a desire, a need. This need is addressed to mercy and peace that I need. When I include them, then I have a need for truth. But until then, I can hardly imagine what a perfect system is.

Comment: We often tend to take the “truth” from liars…

Answer: Indeed, when unrest starts in a country, some “champion of truth,” speaking from the barricades, promise to fulfill people’s aspirations and to take care of all of their needs. His words lie but not because in his heart he is not going to realize his promises. Simply, these promises initially show a lack of knowledge of the nature of things, of understanding the fact that no one can feel the desires of others. Thus, based on their bitter experience, people are already aware that they are deceived by unrealistic promises.

It’s impossible in our world truly, according to truth, to evaluate everyone and give him what he needs. Neither individuals, nor organizations are able to do that, and if people demand something like that, then they do not understand what they want. As for those who promise, these people are highly ambitious. He who wants power is usually a great egoist, able to use the good name of truth to his advantage.

That is why we must build connection in human society according to the categories of justice, mercy, and peace. Only then can we approach the attribute of truth. It makes no sense to appeal to it now. Initially, aspiring for correction, we understand by the heart and mind that it will not be complete in the process. We need to realize this because our sensation affects the general system.

Nonetheless, this knowledge is important today when the whole world has entered the process of correction. It’s necessary to explain to people that the ideal of truth will not be achieved at once; it can be realized only when we are united, naturally interconnected. Only then will everyone provide for others without hesitation, without any special calculations. If we completely neutralize our egoistic desire and become connected by absolute love, then between us, from one to another without any restrictions, everything that is needed flows. I am open for others and do not criticize them at all. Let them take whatever they want. Then the category of truth is realized.

But until then everyone should be prepared for certain limitations, for certain sacrifices. This is normal and quite possible. Here, we need the preliminary categories that allow us to correct ourselves. We will not be able to understand and realize the attribute of truth. In essence, these categories are much more complex, complicated, and sophisticated than the truth because they are intended to help us just on the first stages of correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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