When Your Ups And Downs End

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said, “May every day be as new for you,” meaning every time, every moment, which apparently does not differ from the previous ones. During a descent, we do not feel any renewal. It seems to us that we have been through all these states and have accumulated experience.

Descents are followed by ascents, which also seem to be no different from each other. We rise and fall, rise and fall, but for the time being do not feel the difference between repeating steps. It’s left only to believe that changes take place and each time new states and new desires are opened for us in which we feel no special qualities, just emptiness.

And this is really depressing, it seems that once again it is a descent that makes us unhappy and uninspired. And that is not good because we do not bless “for the bad as for the good!”

Then comes an ascent and some new sensations appear, but they are replaced by a descent again. It’s still difficult for us to view these endless ascents and descents as a natural gradual process that leads us to the end of correction.

Our attitude will remain wrong until we attain the property of bestowal. Now, this attitude is egoistic and we see no benefit in descents and even in ascents because after them we will fall again and lose all that we have achieved. Ascents are replaced by descents and there is no end in sight.

A person gradually gets used to this, as to all the other pleasures of this world and sees that there is nothing special in this. Well, he had enjoyment for some time, one evening, a few hours, or even a week or two, but then it was over anyway! This is why he is not eager to return to this state because he becomes experienced, “smart,” and looks at this more pragmatically.

But this is because he has not received the property of bestowal. Any pleasures felt in the desire to enjoy inevitably fade away. And thus a person gets used to them, gradually becomes disillusioned, ages and dies because there is nothing left that brings pleasure.

Spiritual work is quite the opposite; it raises us above descents and ascents. We acquire the property of bestowal, and if by our ascents and descents we are able right now to bring pleasure to the Creator, then every ascent and descent becomes very valuable for us. We are happy that we are in them, and it does not matter what the state is if by it we can delight the Creator.

So, the main thing is to acquire the property of bestowal above all ascents and descents. They will not end until we realize it entirely! This will mean that we have completed our correction. That is, the ascents and descents are not important themselves, but how we attain the property of bestowal above them.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/25/13

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