Tailwind Of Interruptions

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person may have a special soul that awakens him all the time and forces him to continue working despite the hardening of the heart and the confusions. But if he doesn’t have that, the only option he has to remain on the right track is the right environment that doesn’t let him escape and forces him to be equipped with the tools that will help him return to the right kind of life.

A person has no chance of advancing and has no power to respond correctly every moment to the interruptions that come along, if he doesn’t have the proper preparation, the habit of working internally, and the connection with the environment that guards the connection between a person and the sources, the teacher, and the group. And then it turns out that a person doesn’t pay attention to the interruptions at all or that he is drawn into them.

In the first case, he is not sensitive enough, so he lowers his sensitivity threshold in order to avoid the strong influence of the interruptions. In this case he doesn’t advance. His life becomes more peaceful and quiet and instead of encountering interruptions ten times an hour, for example, he feels interruptions several times a day and that’s all. His pace of advancement is determined accordingly, which means that he holds himself back on purpose. But if he feels the interruptions and tries to fight them, blaming himself and his environment, the teacher and the spiritual path in general, he might divert from it and leave everything; it is that serious.

It’s very hard to keep and to accept all the awakening conditions as desirable and as sent by the Creator as “there is none else but Him.” These are the best conditions for our advancement and the only question is how to respond to them correctly, to accept them correctly, and to be grateful for them in order to advance towards the goal.

We need to study intensively and patiently, and to prepare for constant transitions from one state to another. The main thing is our submission, the ability to understand that all the hardships that come along are the right interruptions along the way. Every person in the world receives such interruptions and clarifies whether he should advance by these interruptions or not and in which direction.

Some people determine a certain attitude at the beginning of the way, which is either right or wrong with regard to the group, the teacher, and the books. Others have to clarify this anew each time and can change. This is how they advance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/07/13, Writings of Rabash

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