Why Advertising Works

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from EurekAlert!): “Researchers at Duke University who study how the brain values things – a field called neuroeconomics – have found that your feelings about something and the value you put on it are calculated similarly in a specific area of the brain. …

“Now, after a series of experiments in which subjects were asked to modify how they felt about something either positively or negatively, the Duke group is arguing that emotional and economic calculations are more closely related than brain scientists had realized.

“’This changes our frame of reference for thinking about these things,’ Huettel said. He said advertisers have long been using emotional appeals to get people to value their products, ‘but they didn’t know why it worked.’ …

“’It’s not the case that you never want to reappraise a positive emotion,’ said Huettel. But when buying a house or a car, it’s a good idea to dampen your infatuation down a bit, he added.”

My Comment: Time does its thing: Personal egoism came into conflict with the integral forces of nature, and people lose their desire to work for clothes and impress others. And others will find brands ridiculous. We will slide down against our will or rationally accept ease and convenience as style. And our desires will direct us at the invisible goal – the meaning of this life

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