Advertising, Consumption, And Unemployment…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On one hand, the modern person’s requirements for new desires have been awakened, and on the other hand, people still want to buy an iPhone 5, rest as much as possible and work less; why is it that something new comes along and a person still runs after materialistic pleasures?

Answer: These are not a person’s own immediate desires. Instead they are the influence of advertising and no more than that. It’s a kind of collective pursuit; selling and selling to us all the time characterizes our times. Today advertising is an entire industry that amounts to 60%-70% of the cost of every product, which is to say, vast amounts of money. The problem is not in the manufacturing of something, but rather in its sale. This succeeds in becoming more and more despicable with each passing day and will ultimately explode.

But the matter is not even about the advertising or the disappearance and appearance of these desires. The main thing is the appearance of an immense crisis of the unemployed; people who have lost their jobs cannot find another job. So they must have some kind of pension. If you don’t give them a pension, the millions of unemployed will simply “devour” you.

They say that 1-2% of the workers from the entire world population would be sufficient to supply us with everything we need for existence: clothing, food, housing and the like. Many new technologies exist that we can’t even begin to imagine. They are concealing them from us intentionally because someone is benefiting from it. But if it were discovered that we are already technologically prepared today for some need, humanity would be completely freed from work.

It follows that the crisis is discovered on two sides. On the one hand, all motivation for working has disappeared because more internal questions have appeared for a person: “What for?  What is my entire life for?” He asks more and more questions relevant to the next level of existence, which explain the meaning of life. This always happens during a transition from one creation to the next.

On the other hand, a problem of unemployment has been created which is gradually encompassing everyone, including everyone in China and Russia. And so already there will be a need to do something, to decide something, because millions freed from work will sit at home and begin to descend to the level of the “beast.” If we don’t begin to be involved with educating and re-educating them, they won’t transform into the next level for humans, they will simply transform into “wild men.” A person who is not busy with anything even stops thinking and withdraws.

Apparently it will be necessary to provide a little for the unemployed so that they can live in peace and everything will be okay. Our industries are prepared to fulfill everyone with everything possible. This is no problem. The idea is that with this people will become totally amorphous; the entire human image will disappear from them because without obligations, without work, without interests, a person will simply “fall apart.”
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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