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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I concentrate my powers and not spend them on foreign causes? All disturbances come from the Creator, so how can we fight with them?

Answer: Of course, all disturbances come from the Creator so that we will better understand ourselves and advance more efficiently. They are only called disturbances. We don’t understand that they are actually advice that helps us advance correctly. If we listened more carefully to what is called “the Creator’s voice,” we would advance more quickly toward the goal.

The problem is that we don’t hear Him, and we don’t notice that He is constantly talking to us. The system of forces that we are in, the field of forces, the general bestowal, the power that created us, constantly continues to influence us. However, it does so only up to a certain limit so that I will listen to Him, at least a little, so that I will notice Him. Then, I will understand what He is saying.

This is how we are built. The Creator is on the edge of our feelings, of our perception. He demands that we only increase our sensitivity a bit so that we will begin to feel Him.

The sensitivity is increased when I understand that “there is none else besides Him.” Everything that He wants to say is in my favor, and He is good and benevolent at any given moment, good or bad. If I knew that, I would bless the evil just as the good because there is no evil.

If I felt that way, if I could understand it, I would constantly look for what He is trying to tell me by my present state. There is a group around me, a family, the entire world, internal and external problems and worries, good and bad, but what does He want to tell me by all that? How can I balance myself in the complicated situation that I am in?

Kabbalists tell you what to do: How to direct yourself in order to try to feel the Creator and to aim yourself accordingly. This means that you discover the Light that reforms, and according to the level of your feelings and understanding, you begin to arrange your internal attributes, feelings, and desires.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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