Sorry, But The Party Is Over

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt used to be that only those wanting to know the meaning of life and its purpose would come to Kabbalah. They wondered what we are born for, why we die, and why we undergo such difficulties in life.

A person wants to know, and even if well-off in the material sense, he will continue having these questions because they come from the speaking, not animate degree. Man is not a dog; if we put him in a five-star hotel, he’ll still feel bad and want something more for the soul.

This is clearly seen in Europe. Before the crisis erupted, the most developed and affluent countries had the highest suicide rate. Now that these countries are experiencing a crisis, the suicide rate will drop. People will begin to appreciate life and new desires will awaken. Even a slight desire for improvement will give people a sense of life.

No matter what degree of wealth a person has, taste is always felt through contrast. People like to remember past suffering of hunger and the taste they found in a stale piece of bread because the taste depends on the deficiency.

Today Kabbalah is for everyone, not only for those wishing to attain sublime wisdom, but for all simply seeking a better life. The crisis has spread worldwide. Evil has become global, not local or national as in previous generations. And because of it, people seek to discover the cause of this evil.

Past generations also suffered greatly, but it was suffering on the still, vegetative, and animate (bodily) levels. However, today’s problems are worldwide and affect everyone, therefore it forces people to search for answers. That is why people come to Kabbalah to improve their situation. But here they are met with an explanation summed up in one sentence: You can only enjoy bestowal, only out of love of others!

A person would like to enjoy thousands of different things in this world, but is told: Sorry, the party is over, and you will not be able to enjoy it. In fact, before this, enjoyment was only being used as bait, to awaken you in order to increase your desire. To do this, you were given entertainment, cars, trips, and various other temptations so that you would want to enjoy more and more.

But now it’s all over. You will not have an opportunity to enjoy. The crisis will deprive you of all material acquisitions, and nothing will be left. Yet on the other hand, you already cease to feel any pleasure. Even if you could pay and enjoy all that is possible, you will not feel the taste in anything.

This is the stage of development we are approaching without even knowing it, and in the end it turns out that we are not able to enjoy. This is the real problem of the world! Everything is in full abundance, and we’re able to reach such material prosperity where everyone has everything needed: homes, vacations, good food, and so on. But people will not find taste in this kind of life.

We are nearing a state where satisfaction can only be collective, global. The mutual connection among us that is being revealed now is not in money but in pleasure! I will not be able to receive pleasure before I fill you.

But I hate you and am ready to tear you apart! How could it be that I will fill you before I fill myself? It means that I have to love you first? It is simply awful! Yet, without that I can’t enjoy life or feel, at least a little bit, that I have something more than a dog’s life. A dog’s life is a life in which I only satisfy my desire, but feel no taste. I have everything all day long, but feel as if I have nothing.

These states are being revealed to us because the human level of desire is being revealed within us, which is higher than the still, vegetative, and animate levels. Thus, we can have everything in the material world and feel that death is better than this kind of life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. “the most developed and affluent countries had the highest suicide rate”.

    these are not the most developed countries in Europe.

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