One Bestowal For All

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan’s essence is the desire to be filled. His mind develops alongside this desire to help him attain that which is desired. Man’s big desires develop a big mind, while his small desires limit the mind. The mind is secondary; the desire is primary. This is why the desire commands us, whether we like it or not.

The aspiration to experience the world on a greater scale than it really is, in its full matrix, depends on the development of our desire. This is why we study the wisdom of Kabbalah. It helps develop the desire to the point where it is possible to perceive the upper world, the higher matter, the higher qualities.

Since our world only exists in the desire to receive, it is confined and limited. How much information, sensation, feeling, color, sound, and so forth can I absorb? It turns out it is not much at all since I immediately become filled and tired. I even try to limit myself from extreme reception and suffice myself with small pleasures.

Kabbalists tell us that there is an enormous world beyond the limits of our sensations, which exists outside of us, outside our egoistic sensations. We can only experience it according to the law of similarity of properties. If we acquire the same qualities like in that world, we will see, hear, and feel it.

How do we acquire the qualities of this external world that is a billion times greater than ours? First of all, this world goes beyond the limits of our physical body. This is why it is eternal, perfect, and infinite. It is not even like our finite, imperfect, and egoistic universe.

The world that exists in the quality of bestowal, and which we absolutely do not perceive, basically exists around us. In order to perceive it, we need to begin coming closer to the quality of bestowal, the foundation of the upper world. This is the purpose of the exercises and advice of the Kabbalists who have already completed this path.

These are group exercises because one gradually develops the quality of bestowal only in a group of like-minded people. I begin to feel how deeply I exist in egoism and my inability to come out of it. Then, under the influence of the group, I get the feeling that I simply am in a prison I can’t escape. Then I understand that only the group, only the upper force, can help me.

In this way, I reach the need for mutual guarantee. I am in need of the support of my friends who simply force me to rise above myself, and on my behalf, I also try to help them with this. We reach mutual guarantee when we mutually help each other to rise above ourselves and connect into the common quality of bestowal.

Then we will perceive the upper world in this new, common quality, a sensor, a sense. We can only perceive it if we create something mutual with our desires and aspirations because the quality of bestowal cannot be individual. It is necessarily connected with all the rest, and this is why it is one for all. This quality in which we will perceive our higher existence is called the “soul.”

This is why the convention in the Arava desert was directed toward preparing oneself for a preliminary sensation of the quality of bestowal that is being conceived in us. We must bring this to all the participants of the big upcoming convention where it will be necessary for everyone to strengthen it together. We must develop this embryo to the point where we will perceive the presence of the upper world, the presence of the Creator.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/20/2011

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