From Out Of The Gloom – To The World Of Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis seems paradoxical, but if we look at this world from the spiritual world, there is nothing more natural than the connection of everything into one whole and with the Creator. This is a single, stable system that is found in harmony, in permanent balance, in an ideal state, where everything in it is found in interaction, fulfilling the others and being fulfilled by the others. This system becomes an absolutely healthy body, physically and mentally.

Information, matter, energy, perception, consciousness, all this exists in absolute harmony. Therefore this system is eternal: There is no concept of time, there are no changes. In other words, there is eternal life and events take place with regularity specifically to reveal the infinite depth of this connection.

The connection itself is permanent, the system is permanent, and the Light is found at absolute rest and fills the entire creation. We are found in it in constant motion from the smallest fulfillment to the largest. And the most important ecstasy is in the perception of the harmony and wholeness of this system, and this is what is called perception of the Creator.

Therefore our world is comprehended from there as a small, ugly world, which exists without choice, because the Creator obliges it to exist even though a creature seems so despicable that it has no right to exist. This creature exists specifically for this, that by denying his depravity, he will rise and attain eternity and wholeness. Yet it’s difficult to do this because we don’t see anything against this depravity.

But if we were to see this, we would lose free choice, and with all our strength we would run only there, no matter what. We would slam with our whole body into a wall, a barrier that separates between us, just to get there or to disappear.

For this we were given the concealment so that from ourselves we would build the model of the world to which we aspire, with a link between us, with our relationship with one another, to ourselves, in the relationship of our general group to all of humanity, to the still, vegetative, and animate nature.

We crave it in this world, imagining it as a kingdom, like in a children’s game, and try to create it among us, in spite of all the things that are given to us here. We want to enter this seemingly unnatural, imaginary state; if we understand how far this is from our present existence, we see this is contrary to all logic, to our nature, which is to say, our intelligence; this needs to be something absolutely different.

And continually humanity tries to understand how, in spite of it all, it is possible to do something, but in the end something worse results. The ego still crushes us and shows us that we have perhaps achieved what we wanted, until we discover the significance of all that is happening: For what does existence like this need to be?

You see, if we look from the side, our existence seems depraved and absolutely lacking in meaning and purpose. It follows that people exist without a choice, captive, where they suffer and flee from this suffering all the time, encounter more suffering and again flee. And all this is only to begin to imagine another existence, something that is truly worth it, for which it is worthwhile to live, and not regret the fact that you are alive.

When we imagine this state, we gradually begin to feel that apparently it truly exists; otherwise, how would we imagine it? And this state apparently exists not only hypothetically but truly. However, it wants us to truly aspire to it. I must aspire to it in a form where I will feel myself inwardly and emotionally within it. And then I begin to feel some kind of help, inspiration, and illumination. I begin to see that there is a purpose to all this.

Precisely like this, Adam discovered this system 5773 years ago. From that day, we run our Kabbalistic calendar, from that moment when Adam HaRishon (first man) discovered the Creator in our world. And after that began the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation; more people began to be included in this who also felt a lack of meaning in their existence.

But that same problem always remained: How can I develop another world, a correct and true world within my small and threatening world? People stood facing that problem all the time. It’s necessary to create an image, to play with this system, to play in the true world.

We always forget this, and this will continue until we create together a state like this, a link like this, a system of relationships like this, which will be just about identical to the higher world and it will only be required to realize it clearly, and this will be done through a stroke of the Upper Light. But until we do all that we can in order to be in such a state as this, we will not reach it. The moment that we do everything in order to create this other world within our gloom, it will appear immediately. The Light will make it true and we will discover ourselves within it.

We understand that there is no choice but to reach true and clear unity and to create the conditions, the contact, the mutual relationships like these, that will be just about equal to the higher system, full of love and bestowal, mutual inclusion, understanding, support, and responsibility. And the link needs to be like this, that the person, as a separate entity, disappears. He doesn’t exist, and cannot exist.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 6

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