Refocusing The Work In The Group Of Ten

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe tens should not be isolated from each other. None of them should feel that it is separate or distinct from others.

I join the group of ten in order to neutralize my ego and be loyal to the whole world. If I do not come to this feeling, if I am not loyal to the world, not connected to it, this means that my ten is useless because it does not prepare me properly.

The group of ten is a mini-world in which I am learning how to be integrated with others. If I am not included in them, I do not arrange my ego as it should be—in the direction from the love for the created being to the love for the Creator.

In the group of ten, I should carry out various exercises of exiting myself to feel myself “extended,” “spread out” between everyone. I do not exist, do not feel myself, my individuality, my “self,” and the group of ten has to help me in that. “Each man shall help his neighbor”; this is how we have to be connected with each other.

As a result, our common desire, belonging to everyone, has to burn in the “center” of the group of ten. I feel in this desire that there are no “me” and “others,” but only “WE.”

On the basis of this unity, we think, feel, and make decisions—only from US. I resist all that is called “I,” and raise and nurture all that relates to US. Only our unity stems from my thoughts and feelings, and through it, like through glasses or binoculars, I look at the world all around.

A certain inner effort is necessary here in order to “dissipate” my “Self,” not allowing the focus on it, but keeping focus only on the center of the group where WE are together, and seeing the world, reality, in this way. Nothing that does not belong to US exists for me.

A person has to live and work in this inner effort as much as possible. For it is through the center of the group of ten that he imagines that he will get the Light that Reforms.

However, to focus on US, on the center of the ten correctly, the whole group of ten has to hold the intention to bestow. How is it verified? In its relation to other groups of ten and to the world. When the group of ten becomes one whole, when ten men become one, this unity acquires volume, and again it is reduced to one and acquires volume, until finally we come to the One, the Creator.

So, the criterion of our unity is the desire of the group of ten to get connected with others and become one whole with them. How can we do this? How can we test ourselves?

I can check myself if I enter any group of ten and feel like I am within my own group. There are no primary or secondary groups of tens, and I do not care which one I am in. I simply connect to the people who want to unite, connect without any distinction.

To make our work as pure as possible, we cannot consider the current group of ten as our “home,” and all the rest as a “foreign territory.” No, all the people who want to unite is my “territory,” the same group of ten. It is sufficient that they have a small attraction to unity, and I can already be together with them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/13, Conversation About the Tens

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