The Starting Point Of The Spiritual Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I want connection with others so that I feel that this is truly something I require?

Answer: You will want to connect with others only on condition that you despair of attaining the goal alone. Exactly as in our world, when I must move a fifty kilogram block but I don’t have the strength to do this, but I have no choice, I must move it, and so I am forced to turn for help.

Therefore I go to someone and say: “Please, until now I thought that I didn’t need you. I agree that I was disrespectful to you. I am not trying to justify myself, but it was natural for my ego to behave like that. But now I need you, I have no choice. Therefore I come to you begging that you will become my friend and will help me to carry this load. And if you need something like this, then I could also help you!”

We begin all this from the ego. But after this, through egoistic efforts, we see that we require true reciprocal connection on a permanent basis. And if we persevere in our work through “groups of tens” and workshops, we begin to feel how from this permanent reciprocal connection something new is born. If we do not retreat and we overcome the coldness that appears from time to time, eventually we will discover that we can use this model of the connected groups of ten as a tool, as a means, as leverage.

This is the fundamental compulsory means; this is a “point in the heart” that includes everyone, from which we begin our spiritual line upwards if we relate to this in the right form. And then we require from the connection between us more and more qualitative results. Everything is born from connection only and all the rest, the teacher, the books, they only help this. But the main thing is the connection within which ascent is realized.

Therefore it is not necessary to wait for me to bring you spirituality on a platter. You will discover it only within your connection, within the group of ten. Therefore it is necessary to strive that this workshop will be sustained permanently without pausing even for a moment. For every condition that appears in my life, it is as if I am discussing it with the friends in this endless workshop. It is as if I am found in dialog, in discussion with them at every moment, and in this manner I clarify all the questions.

I have no other way out of any situation besides the center of the group of ten! For everything in life I relate only from this point of our connection, from our collective consciousness, in which all of us nullify each other, are linked with each other, and complete each other. Only in this way will there be realization of the correct and precise point that is my point in the heart that connects with all the rest. This is how I need to describe myself all the time.

And so through the friends I try to develop the importance of the goal, to be “ignited” by their enthusiasm. I appreciate them as great and am happy that I merited a connection with another ten greatest of the generation. I thank the Creator that he sent them to me so that I would surely be able to communicate with Him.

Indeed I still don’t feel the Creator, but I already have a connection with him through this group of ten (through this Minyan). Perhaps the connection is still not that good and it is still egoistic from my side and therefore I don’t hear the voice of the Creator in the earpiece, but this telephone already exists and it works. I speak into it and believe that the Creator hears me. Because I have prepared the Kli, this apparatus, we are connected together, have nullified ourselves; I appreciate and respect the friends and am sure that the Creator is the One who arranged this group for me, put my hand on the good lot and said, choose for yourself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/04/13, Writings of Rabash

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