We Leave Our Ego Somewhere Behind

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash writes in The Social Writings: And there can be no love of another unless one nullifies himself. For on the one hand, each and every one needs to be humble. And on the other hand, we need to be proud that the Creator gave us the opportunity to be able to enter a society where each one of us has only one goal, ‘that the Shechinah will dwell among us.’

The Shechinah is the general characteristic of bestowal, and we want this characteristic to connect and unite us and fill the entire void between us. It turns out that the ego is left behind, behind us, and in front of us, the characteristic of mutual bestowal rules, connecting us in a circle within which we feel the general field of bestowal, that is, the nature that is discovered through a higher and more interior power with the characteristic of bestowal.

And even though we have not reached the goal, nevertheless we have a desire to reach the goal. This also needs to be important to us, even though we are still found at the beginning of the way. But we hope that we will reach the higher goal.

Amazing characteristics are discovered through connection: You accept the desires of the other but only when you want to be fulfilled within them as with a person that you love, when you live within his desires. Which is to say, his desires direct my desires, stabilize them, and I receive a double desire that attracts me forward with great intensity.

And when we gather with ten friends and each is included in the desires of the others, then within this “Group of Ten” I receive the sum that each of them gathers within himself from all the nine friends and not just the desires of the nine friends. Describe to yourselves what kind of increase there is here to my desire. There are nine people here and each of them already includes all the other nine friends.

But this is a qualitative increase of desire and not a quantitative one, for his quality is changed. In Kabbalah nothing is measured according to quantity since this cannot be measured at all. The spiritual world is not measured quantitatively. And even though we measure the density of desire through the levels 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, these are qualitative measurements and not quantitative; every time there is a leap from one height to another height, from the substance of the still to the vegetative to the animate and to the speaking.

We leap from level to level all the time, like to the next height of development, but this is a new qualitative height. It is impossible to compare between a plant and a stone through a quantitative criterion since this is an absolutely different type of existence. The feeling of life is completely different. So it is here. Therefore, the moment that we connect within a group, we immediately acquire a new qualitative feeling; we feel that the world is transparent; we see through it and feel the power of bestowal that fills it, that establishes and manages everything.

We begin to feel ourselves, our ego, hovering within an ocean of bestowal, managing, guiding, connecting, and uniting us. Very little effort is demanded of me; I must want to feel my enjoyment through the other, no more than this.

This is what I would want to say to you as an introduction. From this are derived all the laws of the group that establish how it is up to us to connect into physical and virtual groups, how to connect between us, and how to make gatherings of friends. Everything is derived only from this.

The main thing is that everything will be directed towards maintaining a condition that provides everyone with the opportunity to go out of himself and pass into the other with the “point in the heart” as quickly as possible, easily and powerfully. And to leave the ego somewhere behind us, to forget about ourselves!
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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