Getting Lost Among The Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While I am talking with the friends, on one hand, I feel that our hearts are close, and on the other hand, there exists an understanding that I am looking as if in an abyss and I will never completely feel anyone. We are so different: each one with his own ego that sometimes interferes and is bothersome and sometimes is helpful and enables us to be with each other. How can we get passed this point so our “bicycles” will finally move forward and we will get back on them and not fall?

Answer: For this one needs to feel that by his feeling himself as the smallest, he enters among the friends and has no need for anything else. He must feel “they are so big, I want to squeeze in between them, and there will be hope that I together with them can move forward.” There is great happiness if a person feels this way about himself.

Question: But here opposition arises. Do we simply need to ignore it?

Answer: You need to work with it, not to object to it, but simply try to listen to the friends.

Look at where people came from in order to attend the convention, how much energy, time, efforts and means they spent, where they live and how the Creator chose them. If you look at them from the outside, you won’t see pretty or smart people. Each one has a different personality, etc.

If you dig inside a little, that is work! You will see that inside there is the spark of the Creator that He placed in each one of them. Of course, there needs to be awe and fear that without them you are lost.

You must understand that. You need to think about that since the thought increases the desire. When the desire is small, but with the help of the thoughts you constantly develop it, then it grows and becomes something strong. But I am talking about a sensation that is very exact and clear. If you don’t enter into a general “mutual carriage,’’ then you stay on the side of the road. You must push, squeeze between the friends, in order to not get lost among them.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 2

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